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Letter to the Editor (Feb. 19)

Dear Editor I read the article called "Mwebaza Club at NHS Raises Money for Ugandan Boy" and was truly moved by Peter's situation. We are so fortunate in this country to have the educational opportunity that we do and to have such wonderful and...


Letters to the Editor (Feb. 12)

Dear Editor, The “Niwot Incorporation Committee” has presented the results of an investigation into the feasibility of incorporating the town of Niwot on their website at niwotstudy.com. In reviewing the information presented on that website, it...


Letter to the Editor (Feb. 5)

Dear Editor, Many thanks to Carrie Wise, Pat Murphy and Bert Steele for sharing common sense insights into the impacts of incorporation. As Carrie so (wisely) put it: “I think Niwot is really good the way it is.” “Don’t mess with it if... Full story


Letter to the Editor (Nov. 13)

Sprouting wings grows unexpected roots, And these in turn bring unpredicted fruits. Recently I gave myself new sight, By moving life and limb from urban blight. I set my heart and soul on something new, When a quite unusual trend beset my view, The...


Letters to the Editor (Nov. 6)

To the editor: There is no climate emergency! Those are not my words, but rather the words of 500 of the world's most knowledgeable and experienced scientists and professionals in climate related field. This information was sent to the United...


Letters to the Editor (Oct. 30)

To the editor: Perhaps the recent Letter submissions regarding climate change might benefit from Googling three sources: ) "17,200 Scientists Dispute Global Warming" 2) "31,000 Scientists say no convincing evidence" - OSS Foundation. And Nolte:...


Letters to the Editor (Oct. 23)

To the editor: Concerning the letter published by Dick Piland of Niwot: First of all WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas stated that his comments were taken out of context and that "It is highly important that we rein in greenhouse gas emissions,...


Letters to the Editor (Oct. 16)

Dear Editor: Never before, in my 30 years of living in Niwot, have I ever been disappointed or ashamed of Niwot High School; their curriculum, administrative and/or athletic staff, or educators. But, the LHVC'S article posted in the volume 23, issue...


Letters to the Editor (Oct. 9)

To the Editor: Thank you for highlighting the passion and dedication of local Niwot High School students in your recent article “Niwot High students strike for climate change awareness” (9/26/2019). It is gratifying and inspiring to see young...


Letter to the Editor (Aug. 14)

To the Editor: What Mr. Maxwell, BoCo Transportation Director, in his August 7th front page Left Hand Valley Courier did NOT tell you is the following: The road construction in each subdivision within the County was originally paid for by the develop...

 By Bruce Warren    Opinion    May 1, 2019

Editorial: Broken Trust in Niwot

The Boulder County Commissioners (BOCC), whose job includes the governance of Niwot, abdicated that role to a Land Use Department whose “arrogance of power” as Niwot resident and community volunteer Laura Skaggs put it, is out of control. The Apr... Full story


Letter to the Editor, May 1

Dear Editor, It is a Wednesday afternoon at about 2:30. I am standing at the kitchen window making a late lunch. Hey, I am retired I can eat when I want. I just heard the train horns as it was passing through Niwot. Once again, I am saddened. I moved...


It's a Laughing Matter

Good morning, this is I.R.I.T.A.T.E. - International Responders Including Telemarketers and Telepathy Ecosystems. How may I help you? Oh I see, you're finding that people are using call blockers. Just one moment and I can connect you to our... Full story


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 21

All Niwot property owners deserve the same rights. Through a moratorium, Land Use staff is trying to restrict the use of a public right-of-way to benefit a select few Niwot property owners over... Full story


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