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Letter to the Editor (Nov. 11)

A Telling World

As the fires burn on we are faced with the reality of our world today. As we have felt the smoke collecting in our lungs, irritated eyes, difficulty to breath, and the inability to leave our houses, there is nobody that can say they haven’t experienced the first hand effects of manmade global warming.

We must reflect and find the effort and will to fight for the health of our futures and the planet and assure our politicians and their policies do the same. One of the issues of the heart of the climate crisis and inside Boulder County is fracking. Fracking residing in Boulder County is poisoning us with toluene, nitrous oxides, and other cancer causing compounds, starting to occupy open space land, and helping aid the fossil fuels train that runs our futures into the ground. Due to fracking in our backyards the F grade air quality was already established on the Front Range before the fires. The inaction to stop this practice that only pushes us further away from saving ourselves in this climate fight and damages the wellbeing of our people is absurd. We as Boulder County should be the trailblazers for renewable energy, not falling behind on meeting our climate promises. If we don’t make the first stab of challenging our politicians to move toward a renewable energy future there will be no change until it's too late, and as we have watched with terror very recently we don’t have time.

Fracking, being a central issue in the climate crisis and one in our homes, must be halted immediately. We need a ban on fracking and we need it now! Writing to our BoCo County Commissioners, providing public comment at Colorado Oil and Natural Gas Conservation Committee and BoCo Commissioners public hearings, and putting pressure for a ban on fracking in our community is essential for our well-being.

We have the science, the capability, now we just need the will to fight for our futures.

Simon Saia, Niwot


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