Letter to the Editor (Nov. 4)

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November 4, 2020

Small towns like Niwot are an endangered species throughout the US.

For a small town to survive or even thrive, is heroic.

What makes Niwot different?

Our Voice, which speaks to us weekly, is a large factor behind Niwot's success.

Our Voice reminds us that Niwotians' are really a special breed.

Our Voice reminds us that unlike other towns, we volunteer and govern ourselves.

Our Voice helps us celebrate our volunteer leadership associations with fancy nomenclature that make things happen, like the NBA, NCA, NFL, NCAA, LID, and not so fancy, Historical Society, Rotary, to name a few. We celebrate our Champions, volunteers who are the movers and shakers, driving our parades, events and the other small things that help give Niwot its unique charm and character.

Our Voice is part of our Tradition which began 145 years ago and is always reminding us of our culture of teamwork, caring and sharing.

When we are celebrating, Our Voice celebrates with us, and makes sure those that may have missed the celebration, are informed.

When we are hurting, Our Voice feels our pain. COVID has tested our culture of teamwork and helping each other.

Our Voice has told us the wonderful stories of supporting each other. How our businesses have risen from the ashes to reinvent themselves.

How our community has come out to support our businesses like never before. How we have come together as a community.

Our Voice has cheered us on, reminding us that Niwotians are a tough breed, And we will get through this, Better and Stronger than ever.

Yes, it's Our Voice, always celebrating with us that; as the song says, We Are The Champions.

Tony Santelli, Niwot


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