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Letters to the Editor (Oct. 9)

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To the Editor:

Thank you for highlighting the passion and dedication of local Niwot High School students in your recent article “Niwot High students strike for climate change awareness” (9/26/2019). It is gratifying and inspiring to see young people taking action in the face of climate change. The Global Climate Strike on September 20th was a massive manifestation of public understanding of the urgency of the current climate crisis, and our desire for solutions.

The fact of human-caused climate change is undeniable. Multiple peer-reviewed studies show that 97% of climate scientists agree that climate-warming over the past century is due to human activity. This is not a controversial topic: There is firm scientific consensus on human-caused climate change. Certainly, climate changes in Earth’s history were caused by natural phenomena like orbital cycles. However, when trying to use those natural cycles to explain today’s climate change, we come up empty handed. The only explanation is that the greenhouse effect is becoming stronger due to burning fossil fuels. Multiple lines of evidence support this, none of which have been proven untrue. Thus, it is not a matter of “believing” in climate change, but a question of understanding it.

Many members of this community, including grandparents, parents, and children, have come together to highlight the urgency of the climate emergency and to spark change. To that end, we need to tell the truth about the climate and ecological crisis we are facing. Understanding the truth is the first step towards action to protect the world we love.


Michael Denslow & Tim Remple

Extinction Rebellion Boulder County

To the editor:

What's wrong with this picture? Recently, Niwot High organized a student political protest celebrating world-wide students opposed to man-made climate change. Medical science has proven that the judgment part of the human brain does not develop fully until age 25. Yet a junior student was quoted in the Oct. 2nd Left Hand Courier that her biology teacher really made sure to emphasize to her the dire situation that we face in terms of climate crisis. Has that teacher ever exposed her students to the many scientific articles challenging man made climate change? Has the teacher shown them the record of false claims found in the Google: "0-41 Climate Change"? (All of which have been proven wrong?) Perhaps the teacher ought to expose these impressionable students to more than one side of the argument. I never thought the Pied Piper of Hamlin would pay a visit to Niwot High School.

Dick Eggers, Niwot


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