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  • Left Hand Laurel-Lori and Russ Lindemann

    Abigail Scott|Apr 8, 2020

    Lori and Russ Lindemann moved to the Gunbarrel Estates neighborhood in 1994 with their two children and niece in tow. For the past two and a half decades, they have called Boulder County home and have done a huge part in making it a terrific place to live for its variety of residents. The Lindemanns are no strangers to hard work and have spent much of their free time volunteering throughout the community. Lori has volunteered with the St. Vrain Valley School District, the VA in Denver, the DA's...

  • The "No Touch Easter Rock" Hunt in Niwot

    Courier Staff|Apr 8, 2020

    As an alternative to the canceled Niwot Easter Egg hunt, a local family has created the "No Touch Easter Rock Hunt". Rocks painted in Easter colors have been placed throughout downtown Niwot, and starting on April 10, families can search for these rocks, using a the map printed below. Be sure to stay safe and follow the rules, then send us your best photos for the April 15 and April 22 issues of the Courier!...

  • The story behind the place: Neva Road

    Patricia Logan|Apr 8, 2020

    Head toward the mountains on Niwot Road and you'll run into a big zig north at 45th before you zag back west. It seems like the same road, but it's not. You're now on Neva Road. It makes sense that the two roads are connected and that one isn't as well traveled. Neva was the brother of legendary Chief Niwot, the Arapaho chief also known as Left Hand. "He [Neva] maybe hasn't gotten as much publicity as he deserves," according to Margaret Coel, author of the acclaimed book 'Chief Left Hand.' "He...

  • Financial planning is more than just money, it's also a mindset

    Hannah Stewart|Apr 8, 2020

    In light of social distancing, numerous businesses have limited operations or closed entirely. However, this means more than simply missing out on shopping and dining opportunities; for some, it also means unemployment. However, even if you still have a job, someone else's unemployment can still affect you. Maybe it's your favorite restaurant that gets closed, or the auto-shop had to lay off employees and you can't get your car serviced. It's important to have a financial plan in your pocket,...

  • 'Easter Bunny' arranges special delivery for the troops

    Jocelyn Rowley|Apr 8, 2020

    Pat Murphy of Niwot Realty didn't get a chance to hand out candy and prizes at Niwot's annual Easter egg hunt this year, but that didn't stop the canceled event's founder from bringing smiles to more than a few faces-at an appropriate social distance, of course. Goodies once destined for the baskets and bellies of Niwot's would-be egg hunters instead went to military personnel overseas and those on the front lines a little closer to home. "This is more relaxing, but I've got a house full of...

  • Tired of Netflix? These local creators are offering content online

    Emily Long|Apr 8, 2020

    Can you imagine how we would all be feeling if this had happened in the '80s? The question came up in a friendly Zoom conference happy hour recently. How would we have coped in the pre-internet era? How would we have spent our time? How would we have connected with each other? One thing is certain: we would have had many fewer options for entertainment. As media giants such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and others are offering new or exclusive options, some for free, what if what we are...

  • Small businesses loans are a mix of hope and frustration

    Patricia Logan|Apr 8, 2020

    He was number 1,200 in the cue for the Small Business Administration helpline. Two and a half hours later, Michael Tomich got through to a real person who pointed him to a specific loan application to get a lifeline for his business, The Old Oak Coffeehouse in Niwot. It was a different form than the one he initially found on the SBA website, making it worth the time and patience he needed to spend hours on hold. "This is stressful and I'm spending huge amounts of time on it," said Tomich who is...

  • This isn't Boulder's first or last pandemic

    Hannah Stewart|Apr 8, 2020

    In September 1918, a group of soldiers came from Montana to the University of Colorado, in Boulder. Within a week, nearly 100 soldiers fell ill with the Spanish Flu and were quarantined. At the time, Boulder was a city of about 10,000 residents, and health resources were limited--fraternity houses became hospitals and convalescent wards, but most people were cared for by their families in their homes. Chief public health officer M. E. Miles declared Boulder to be quarantined--schools, churches...

  • Niwot boys soccer coach Stephen Dimit turns to podcasting in free time

    Jack Carlough|Apr 8, 2020

    A world put on pause can be a difficult time for some, but for Niwot High School head boys soccer coach Stephen Dimit, the absence of spring sports only means new possibilities. His new podcast, “Make Your Mindset,” aims to mentor high school athletes during their time off the field. His first episode dropped March 31 and featured Oregon State University men’s soccer player Joel Walker. Dimit plans on releasing weekly episodes with guests ranging from college athletes to coaches and local sports-minded friends. “A lot of the people that we...

  • Letter to the Editor (April 8)

    Apr 8, 2020

    To the Editor: First of all, many thanks to the Courier for 23 years of community reporting. We will miss the print edition, and urge everyone to subscribe to the online edition to keep this publication going! In response to the March 18th letter to the editor by Cornelia Sawle promoting Niwot “self rule:” (Cornelia is the owner of the Niwot Inn and a member of the NEISC - Niwot Exploratory Incorporation Study Committee.) While we appreciate the considerable effort that has gone into the Incorporation Study, we think it is time for the NEI...

  • The World Around Us

    Josh Morin, Special to the Courier|Apr 8, 2020

    Here we are, a new spring has sprung. The natural world has come out of its winter slumber and is expanding all around. Yet for many of us our world has become smaller and more constrained. We are forced to move inward and to limit our physical interactions as we struggle to understand a new threat. We do this to serve the greater good of our species, our community and our world. This experience of being restricted in movement is new and challenging for many of us. Accepting this change can be...

  • NCA coronavirus postponements

    Kim Glasscock|Apr 8, 2020

    The stay-at-home order for Colorado due to the coronavirus has put the Niwot Community Association’s plans on hold. The group met April 1 by teleconference to discuss what should be done about the April annual meeting, the May Clean Up Day and the July 4 parade. The April annual meeting is cancelled. NCA members had proposed holding a live-streamed meeting, but the group decided that it was impractical. “The limitations of an online meeting would make it really difficult for many members to participate,” said NCA President David Limbach. “The...

  • Community Pet Spotlight (Arrow, April 8)

    Apr 8, 2020

    Meet six-month old Arrow. Arrow is a beagle/lab mix who loves eating sticks and digging holes. You can find Arrow hounding about with his family in Longmont but don't wake him during one of his many daily naps. Arrow is an early riser and enjoys serenading the neighborhood with his signature bark. If you hear him though, don't hesitate to say hello (from six-feet away). We look forward to seeing your pets in our spotlight. Please email your photo and captions to Editorial@lhv...

  • Additional COVID-19 information and resources

    Courier Staff|Apr 8, 2020

    For more information concerning the pandemic response at the local, state, and federal level, visit the following sites: Boulder County Boulder County coronavirus homepage Resources for Those Affected by COVID-19 Boulder County COVID-19 Illness & Recovery Summary State of Colorado Information on the Outbreak of COVID-19 Colorado case summary Governor's Public Health Order (updated April 11) Federal Federal resources on Coronavirus Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Federal Emergency...

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