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 By Dani Hemmat    News    January 18, 2019

Anti-fracking group gathering momentum

The work for Gunbarrel residents to keep Heatherwood free from fracking has only just begun, according to Keep Heatherwood Frack-Free. After the well-attended town hall...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    January 10, 2019

Gunbarrel native will help preserve state’s history

Gunbarrel native Catherine (Smith) Rossett has been appointed as the new executive director of the Colorado Historical...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    January 10, 2019

Left Hand Laurel: Postman Jay delivers good deeds in Gunbarrel

Justus “Jay” Nichols is a United States postman whose route is in the Gunbarrel Estates/Boulder Tech Center...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    January 9, 2019

Teen vaping use in Boulder County second highest in state

Nicotine, a legal substance, is as addictive as heroin or cocaine. In the 1990s, 46 states brought lawsuits against the big tobacco companies, hoping to hold them responsible...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    December 27, 2018

Gunbarrel shows up to fight fracking

Over 160 people attended the Wednesday, Dec. 19 meeting to learn more about how to oppose oil and gas developers who have...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    December 21, 2018

Young photographer’s future is in focus

At 17, Josie Whitley is clearly focused on her goals, figuratively and literally. The Niwot High senior is already an... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    December 21, 2018

St. Vrain Valley women share their wares and show they care

Some enterprising St. Vrain Valley business owners and entrepreneurs are trying to make a regular habit of meeting up to... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    December 20, 2018

Local quilters send comfort to victims of California fires

A group of local quilters has just finished stitching a batch of 48 quilts that they made to send a little comfort to the vic... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    December 16, 2018

Niwot United Methodist Church Choir a hit on NYC’s most famous stage

The Niwot United Methodist Church Choir’s (NUMCC) performance at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on Nov. 18 was a memorable... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    December 14, 2018

This year’s Nutcracker gives a surprise gift

This year’s Nutcracker performance by the Centennial State Ballet will be giving a special present to the audience. In...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    December 12, 2018

Bella Salt and Sauce aims to elevate the everyday

Twelve years ago, Niwot resident Jilly Gossett came across a basic sauce recipe. She began to tinker and tweaked the recipe...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    December 6, 2018

Gunbarrel neighborhood bands together to inform all about realities of saying ‘yes’ to oil and gas

It all started with a letter that many Heatherwood homeowners received during the week of Thanksgiving, and it has quickly... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    November 14, 2018

Local archaeologist shares discovery about early music

Colorado has rocks that, well, rock. They are called lithophones, and a local archaeologist who first came across these... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    November 7, 2018

Getting garden ready for winter

When the last of the harvest has been pulled from the garden, it’s time to put those beds to, well, bed. Preparing your... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    November 7, 2018

Real understanding helps eliminate poverty

Poverty is a very real, yet complex issue in Boulder County. The federal government considers the poverty level to be a...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    November 7, 2018

Keep them safe: pets and wildlife

Colorado is a beautiful place. It is filled with open, wild spaces, and that unbridled nature is why many of us live here. With open, wild spaces comes wildlife. Lately, our l... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    November 7, 2018

Making Halloween happen for every child

Halloween is an exciting time for most children - running through the dark streets with friends, knocking on doors, getting free treats, and being someone else for one day a... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    November 3, 2018

Good, healthy fun

This Halloween, the ghouls and goblins of Flagstaff Academy will be some of the healthiest trick-or-treaters around town,... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    October 26, 2018

Local family wants to bring friends together

Technology seems to have suppressed the ability for many of us to connect with our fellow human beings. Standing in line...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    October 26, 2018

Left Hand Laurel--The Patt-McKeen family

NextDoor, the social media app designed to build communities, has about 833 members in its Heatherwood division. Any member... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    October 26, 2018

Sew good: Gunbarrel’s eQuilter shares its success

A rainbow has many symbolic meanings attached to it—one of the most common is that of prosperity and good luck—which... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    October 20, 2018

Little choir, big city

In a little over a month, Niwot United Methodist Church’s choir will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City.... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    October 18, 2018

Boys and girls learn differently

There are traits that the male and female genders share, and many things that differentiate the two. And while some traits...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    October 13, 2018

Familiar Faces: Brandon Chisam

Store manager Brandon Chisam may look familiar because he is a longtime resident of the Left Hand Valley area, and has been...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    October 12, 2018

Flagstaff Academy Preschool achieves highest Colorado Shines rating

September 2018 was a big month for Flagstaff Academy Preschool. The program reached its 10th anniversary, and it also...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    October 12, 2018

Growing up Disney

If you grew up in America, chances are you’ve had at least some exposure to Mickey Mouse and his creator, Walt Disney....

 By Dani Hemmat    News    October 5, 2018

Emerald ash borer update

The removal of ash trees infested with the emerald ash borer beetle (EAB) located in the Boulder County right-of-way will... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    September 29, 2018

Day off! Now what?

Almost from the first day of school, most kids start looking forward to summer vacation. The average school year is about 180 days, which is a long time to wait if you’re a...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    September 28, 2018

The softer side of social media

The words “social media” don’t always inspire warm, secure feelings in most of us. Nextdoor, the private neighborhood-f... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    September 14, 2018

Hillside School serves kids with learning differences

Not everyone learns the same way. For a person with a learning difference, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia,...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    September 8, 2018

Doggie do’s and don’ts

While the long, hot dogs days of summer ended in mid-August, if you are a dog owner, you know that every day is a dog day.... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    September 6, 2018

What is Initiative 97?

Initiative 97—the Fracking Distance Initiative—will be on the ballot this November, thanks to volunteers who collected...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    September 6, 2018

30 years strong: Boulder Country Day School celebrates learning

Boulder Country Day (BCD), a K through eighth grade school in Gunbarrel, will be 30 years old on Sept. 16, marking three...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    September 1, 2018

Fruit flies, spinach and broccoli, oh my!

While the days are soon to get cooler, many folks are currently up to their elbows in weeding, watering and hopefully harvest...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    August 30, 2018

Dawson School dedicates building

Nearly 300 people attended the Aug. 21 grand opening celebration of the Dining Commons at Alexander Dawson School in... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    August 23, 2018

Gunbarrel taprooms brew up community

In 2016, The Atlantic featured a story determining the markers of thriving American communities—towns and cities that were... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    August 17, 2018

Gunbarrel girls tackle obstacles one at a time

Three Gunbarrel kids are tackling obstacles, but not out of necessity. They’re doing it for fun. The three Heinrichs...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    August 4, 2018

Learning to speak up

Toastmasters International, the community group that has helped millions of people find their voice, tell their stories with...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    July 28, 2018

Boulder County Circles Campaign works to eliminate poverty one family at a time

We have a lot here in Boulder County—high quality of life, beautiful surroundings, friendly people, a high intellectual cap... Full story

 By Dani Hemmat    News    July 27, 2018

Deadheading in July (and other important but low-energy gardening tasks)

You tilled, planted, hoed and weeded, so all that’s left to do is sit back in the July heat with a tall glass of lemonade...

 By Dani Hemmat    News    July 19, 2018

Fire blight widespread in Gunbarrel and Niwot

Have you looked up into your apple tree this year and noticed some of the leaves and branches are brown and withered, almost... Full story


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