Left Hand Valley Courier - All Local, All The Time

By Dani Hemmat

Where in the world…? (Tardis Edition)


October 4, 2018

When out for a stroll,

With your pooch or a friend,

You may see this box,

As you come ‘round the bend.

No typical box, this,

But you’ll soon see why,

For while it’s made for the ground,

It can fly in the sky.

From world to weird world,

Though time and deep space,

It’s wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey,

All over the starry place.

“Bigger on the inside!”,

Is what they all exclaim,

And this small blue cop box,

Holds fast to that claim.

When you open the door,

To what’s hiding inside,

Enough words on paper,

To take you far and wide.

Beyond the bounds of this world,

Whichever realm you seek,

And you can borrow, then return,

The books that make you geek.

So take a walk in Heatherwood,

To the Doctor without a name,

And see if you can win this week’s,

“Where in the World” game!


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