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By Dani Hemmat

Familiar Faces: Brandon Chisam


October 13, 2018

Dani Hemmat

Brandon Chisam of Gunbarrel Liquor can help you find that perfect bottle of wine for your next dinner party.

Store manager Brandon Chisam may look familiar because he is a longtime resident of the Left Hand Valley area, and has been working at Gunbarrel Liquor for many years. Considering his friendly, helpful and polite demeanor, if you’ve ever stopped in for a bottle of red or a six-pack of Colorado’s finest, chances are, you’ve run across Brandon.

Left Hand Valley Courier (LHVC): Where are you from?

Brandon Chisam (BC): Independence, Missouri.

LHVC: How long have you been in this area and what brought you out here?

BC: 16 years. I had some friends that had come out here, and they really liked it. They said I should come out, so on a whim I did.

LHVC: How long have you worked at Gunbarrel Liquor?

BC: 13 years.

LHVC: What hobbies do you enjoy?

BC: Well, I work six days a week, nine hours a day, so I really only have one day off. I know it sounds weird, but I enjoy cleaning up, watching movies, playing video games, watching football. That’s my thing I do on my one day off.

LHVC: Why do you work so much?

BC: It started out that my girlfriend had to get to work an hour earlier than I did, and we were carpooling at the time. I told the owners (of Gunbarrel Liquor) that I could come in an hour earlier for awhile, and they agreed. After two months, we all sort of locked in to it. I love the money, they love me being here so much, so it works out for everybody.

LHVC: What is something that most people would not know about you?

BC: The only thing I could think of is that I’m a huge Twenty-One Pilots fan. I’m going to their concert in November. I don’t think people would think that about me, because of my demeanor.

LHVC: What do you like best about working in Gunbarrel?

BC: Everything. The people are so nice, it’s an easy commute from my house in Longmont, I enjoy the stores around here, and all the fast food. I mean, we could use a little bit more variety, but it’s right in the middle of everything.


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