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  • Trail News - Four-Mile BNSF underpass a boon for bikers

    Karen Sherlock|Jul 17, 2024

    A request for $997,785 in funding for the Boulder County Public Works Four-Mile BNSF Underpass Construction Project was approved at the Boulder County Commissioners meeting last week. The underpass is part of the Four-Mile Creek Bikeway Project and will connect the Cottonwood Trail to the Four-Mile Creek Trail. With this approval, the project has been assigned to Coal Creek Excavation which is slated to break ground in late August to early September. Construction is estimated to be on-going...

  • Gunbarrel trails news

    Karen Sherlock|Jul 10, 2024

    According to the city of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP), the northernmost portion of the East Boulder Trail –- White Rocks Trail — is again open after a temporary closure for the past two weeks. According to the OSMP, the closure was due to petroleum field operations in the area. An abandoned well was capped. The State of Colorado is working to be sure abandoned wells are capped as they are known to potentially leak hydrocarbons into the air and ground. The Orphaned Wells Ent...

  • Book Review

    Karen Sherlock|Jun 26, 2024

    As the United States approaches its most exalted patriotic holiday on July 4th where we celebrate our hardwon union and form of government that provides civil freedoms seen nowhere else in the world, we accept that we are living during a time of heightened political divisiveness, perhaps not seen since the time of our Civil War. In The Presence of Mine Enemies, written in 2006 by Edward L. Ayers, provides a panoply of personal stories, recollections and material collected in The Valley of The...

  • School of Statesmanship, Service and Stewardship offers free classes

    Karen Sherlock|Jun 26, 2024

    A class entitled "Awakening Democracy: What is it, Who's part of it, How we shape it" was offered on June 17 by School of Statesmanship, Service and Stewardship, a Longmont non-profit created by community members Michael Butler, Carol Beth Engel-Enright, Charlene Santala Gearing, Stephanie G. Rossi, William H. Shirley, Chris D. Treharne, and Wein-Pin Yeh in June, 2022. According to its Articles of Incorporation, the specific purpose of the organization is "creating a learning environment which a...

  • Gunbarrel Trail and East Boulder/White Rocks Trail reopened June 15

    Karen Sherlock|Jun 19, 2024

    The work that began on March 15 on the Gunbarrel and East Boulder/White Rocks Trail was completed June 15. Boulder County reported that the trails are open all the way to 95th Street. The new Vesper Trail that makes a loop to the north toward Lookout Road off the Gunbarrel Trail will remain under a Wildlife Closure order until Oct. 31 according to Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks. Trail closures can be found here....

  • New business coming to Lookout Road and 63rd Street in Gunbarrel

    Karen Sherlock|Jun 19, 2024

    Construction has restarted at the property at 6325 Lookout Road on the corner of Lookout Road and 63rd Street. The bare-framed structure has stood uncompleted for years in front of the Hampton Inn and Suites property on Lookout Road. Adjacent to both is a restaurant site which has recently opened again as Whistling Boar Provisions. Currently open only for breakfast and lunch while waiting for their liquor license, this latest eatery presents itself as a well-managed, community and farm focused...

  • Book Review - "The Last Ranger" by Peter Heller

    Karen Sherlock|Jun 12, 2024

    "The Last Ranger," published originally in 2023, was written by Denver resident Peter Heller, an adventure-seeking outdoorsman who has established his bonafides in traveling the world as an expedition kayaker. Heller's adventures have become fodder for his tales of the challenging descents in the Pamirs, the Tien Shan mountains, the Caucasus, Central America and Peru. He was on the ground team of purportedly the most ambitious whitewater expedition that wound through the treacherous Tsangpo...

  • Gunbarrel Vesper Trail and closures update

    Karen Sherlock|May 29, 2024

    On March 11, 2024, construction was set to begin on the new Vesper Trail, with portions of the East Boulder-Gunbarrel Trail to be closed for use between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through June. The trail is currently closed from the Boulderado Drive and Cambridge Street access point in the Heatherwood subdivision to a point approximately one mile east. In addition, beginning May 13, repair and resurfacing work began on the East Boulder - White Rocks Trail between Boulderado Drive and...

  • "Panic Peak," a "cli-fi" thriller, is launched in Niwot

    Karen Sherlock|Apr 17, 2024

    A new genre book was launched on Friday night, April 12, at the Winot Cafe in Niwot as Dr. William A. Liggett's new climate fiction thriller, "Panic Peak," was presented to an enthusiastic audience. At start time there were only a few open chairs, which soon were filled with many standing in the back of the room for the event. Over thirty people attended the presentation. Liggett first spoke about his story as an 18-year old who spent a summer at the Hoh River area in Washington state and Mount...

  • "Panic Peak" by Bill Liggett - Can geoengineering save our planet?

    Karen Sherlock|Apr 10, 2024

    Bill Liggett, a native Coloradan and recent newcomer to the Niwot community, is presenting his new book, "Panic Peak," on Friday, April 12 in conjunction with Inkberry Books. "Panic Peak" investigates interesting potential geoengineering solutions in the format of a fictional thriller. The book launch and signing will be held at Winot Cafe at 7 p.m. The venue for the presentation was changed from Una Vida to Winot Coffee. Reservations can be made online. Dr. Liggett is something of a...

  • City of Boulder to close portion of Gunbarrel Trail

    Karen Sherlock|Mar 20, 2024

    Beginning March 11, 2024, when construction began on the new Vesper Trail, portions of the East Boulder-Gunbarrel Trail will be closed for use between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through June. The trail will be closed from the Boulderado Drive and Cambridge Street Access Point in the Heatherwood subdivision to a point approximately one mile east. According to a City of Boulder news release, the Vesper Trail will be "a new 1.5-mile trail section that will be built on Gunbarrel Hill near t...

  • Niwot United Methodist Church welcomes community at "Soup, Soup & More"

    Karen Sherlock|Mar 13, 2024

    The Niwot United Methodist Church has thrown open its doors for 26 years to invite the community for bowls of soup, salad, bread and fellowship. "Soup, Soup & More," held on Saturday, March 9, was open to the public free of charge. Most people attending contributed to a free-will offering, and donations are funneled to different local charities each year. According to Janet Gates, the event coordinator, 75% of the proceeds from the event this year will go to The Reentry Initiative, whose...

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