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  • The Courier is going online

    Apr 1, 2020

    Dear Readers, In an effort to survive in the current COVID-19 economy, the Left Hand Valley Courier will change to an on-line only format as of the April 15 issue. We have brought local news to your doorstep for 23 years, but times have changed, and after April 8, the Courier will arrive ONLY on your computer, ipad, or cell phone. And, for the first time, we are asking readers to pay for the content in the Courier by subscribing. For 23 years, our advertisers have been our sole source of income, enabling us to pay for printing and delivery... Full story

  • "Anchorman" star happy to see renaming of Niwot's Burgundy Park

    Patricia Laughin|Apr 1, 2020

    He can't be here in person due to the coronavirus, but the star of the movie, "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," is sending his blessing to Niwot residents as they add Ron to the name of the Burgundy Park neighborhood. "It's about time," said Will Ferrett, who played Ron Burgundy in the 2004 film. He recalled a line from the movie that explains why he thinks it is 16 years late. "I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I'm very important. I have many...

  • It all goes to the dogs

    Vicky Dorvee|Apr 1, 2020

    While spending more time at home soaking in the ambiance of your space, have you experienced niggling feelings that some of those things you're sitting amongst no longer suit you? Maybe you'd like to find a new home for them. Perfect. Here's something you can do about it right now while serving a higher purpose – dogs. For the fifth year, Cause4Paws (C4P), a not for profit organization ( started by Gunbarrel's Laurel Fox, will be holding a fundraising yard sale that fa...

  • A bear 'hunt' engages kids and connects the community

    Patricia Logan|Apr 1, 2020

    An unusual number of bears are showing up in local neighborhoods this spring. Desperate measures are being taken as families enlist their children to hunt a variety of species such as Teddy, Panda and Pooh. The fuzzy ursine have emerged from numerous human dens, pressing their plastic noses against windows, signaling the start of "hunting" season. It began after a social media post on Nextdoor by Amanda Dean, who shared the idea that was inspired by a children's book, "We're Going on a Bear...

  • Locals answer the call to make face masks

    Patricia Logan|Apr 1, 2020

    Two pieces of blue-floral cotton, thread, elastic, experienced hands and a caring heart. That may be all that separates sickness from health and life from death for cancer patients and workers at a hospital in Maryland. "These are very, very sick patients. We don't want to spread anything to them," said Sandy Rozzelle, whose job is to get medicine for cancer patients. "We want them to be safe, as well as us too." Rozzelle wouldn't normally wear a protective mask for her job at Frederick Health...

  • Beat that quarantine boredom

    Hannah Stewart|Apr 1, 2020

    It seems like everywhere you look there are articles about maximizing your experience during this COVID quarantine. But when you’re not usually working from home and trying to maintain some semblance of your formerly busy life, boredom is sure to settle. Being cooped up in your house is sure to become overwhelming after a few days; that’s why there are so many memes about it on the internet right now. When that sense of boredom strikes, you don’t always want to maximize that time; sometimes you just want to distract yourself. Those...

  • NHS students face non-athletic event cancellations due to COVID-19

    Sydney Rothstein|Apr 1, 2020

    The empty parking lot at Niwot High School is more than the result of a much-needed Spring Break. School closures have forced sports, clubs and all extracurriculars to hit the pause button for the sake of public health in light of COVID-19. While time off from classes may seem like every high schooler's dream, these cancellations have caused upset among students who have been working hard all year. Among these cancellations are the Band Spectacle concert, Choir/Orchestra concerts, Mock Trial...

  • Local collegiate athletes see seasons shortened

    Jack Carlough|Apr 1, 2020

    Former Niwot High School baseball player Caleb Martinez was shocked when he learned his sophomore season at Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho would be canceled due to the coronavirus. "It was just unreal," he said. Martinez pitched for Niwot High from 2017-18 and pitched for the Boulder Collegians this past summer, and he was looking to make an impression after redshirting his freshman season. The coronavirus caught him and his teammates off guard. "On Monday, we were getting ready for the...

  • Significant controversy surrounds prairie dog social distancing measures

    Hawk Strike|Apr 1, 2020

    New measures by Boulder County to enforce prairie dog social distancing are facing blazing criticism from scientists and citizens alike. The county commissioners last week announced the new decree, aimed at "helping the small creatures in our county show solidarity with the humans who have been enduring increasingly extreme social distancing and stay-at-home measures," according to Boulder County Manager Barbara "Red" Taype. The measure, which calls for a $10,000 budget to build walls in county...

  • Area businesses taking advantage of "daiquiri delivery" loophole

    Apr 1, 2020

    An emergency coronavirus response measure that Colorado Governor Jared Polis rolled out this week has an unexpected loophole, and local businesses are rushing to be the first to corner a new market. The initial "stay at home" order by Denver's mayor Michael Hancock, which went into effect on March 24, at 5 p.m., caused a panic and rush to liquor and pot stores, which were initially set to be closed under the order. Governor Polis extended the order to the entire state on Thursday, March 26, at...

  • Local merchants regret selling cursed monkey paw to students

    Clare Voyant|Apr 1, 2020

    With virtually all area economic activity at a halt due to coronavirus restrictions, Jim and Mary Good of Good Find Antique Store in Niwot (666 2nd Ave.) said they are now having second thoughts about selling a cursed monkey's paw to a group of local high school students, who told the pair they needed the mummified relic for "research purposes." "They said they wanted to examine the ugly thing as part of some video project or something or other," Mary Good said about the shriveled, disembodied...

  • Family friendly and 'green' statues coming soon

    Nellie Nibnose|Apr 1, 2020

    There's a new statue coming to town. The female statuette is getting her male companion at Niwot's Sculpture Park. But in a nod to Victorian sensibilities, there will be a slight alteration to both the male and female forms. "We've received several suggestions, which read more as complaints, about the visibility of certain portions of the statues," according to Prudence Peccadillo of the Popular Culture Committee (PC Committee)."As a result, the PC Committee has gone back in history and looked...

  • Many local businesses still considered essential

    Courier Staff|Apr 1, 2020

    The statewide shutdown ordered by Governor Jared Polis on March 26th in order to stem the spread of COVID-19 exempted several businesses still considered "essential," allowing them to remain in operation, as long as they institute proper social distancing measures when conducting transactions. This includes grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurant pick-up and delivery, and many more. The retail and service firms listed below are still open for business as of press time, so be sure to check for...

  • Niwot rider takes first in California horse show

    Apr 1, 2020

    Isabella Steiner, sophomore at Niwot High School (and LHVC Student Athlete of the Week for Oct. 23), earned a first place at the Desert Circuit VI International Horse Show in Thermal, CA (February 25 - March 1, 2020.) Bella competed in the 1.0 Meter Non Pro Jumper Course to earn this placing....

  • Boulder Country Day School Launches Distance Learning Initiative, 'Bulldogs Connect'

    Special to the Courier|Apr 1, 2020

    Beginning on March 30th, BCD will launch 'Bulldogs Connect,' their distance learning initiative developed to meet the needs of students and families during the forthcoming school facility closure due to COVID19. Since March 13th, BCD faculty have been collaborating virtually to design a distance learning program to serve all of their students from Preschool through 8th grade at developmentally appropriate levels. BCD teachers will be using multiple platforms including Seesaw, Google Classroom, a...

  • Preparing for "new normal" at Dawson School

    Jocelyn Rowley|Apr 1, 2020

    Just a few short weeks ago, the long-term closure of schools seemed unthinkable, but the coronavirus pandemic has abruptly forced the world into adopting different ways of thinking about everyday life. For parents, students, and educators, that has meant confronting the reality of full-time "remote learning," and adjusting to unfamiliar roles and responsibilities in the education environment. At Dawson School in Lafayette, the community is embracing the new paradigm with optimism, togetherness,...

  • Update from Mountain View FPD

    Apr 1, 2020

    Weld County as well as Boulder County 911 dispatchers are screening patients who call 911 with fever, shortness of breath or any other upper respiratory symptoms. Part of the screening process also involves questioning about recent travel outside and within the country. This information obtained by dispatchers is shared with our medical personnel before arrival. Mountain View Fire Rescue paramedics and firefighters are being provided up to date information as we receive it. If COVID-19 is... Full story

  • It takes a village

    Carol OMeara, Colorado State University Extension Boulder County|Apr 1, 2020

    It takes a village to raise a child. The popular Igbo proverb takes on more meaning today as our entire community is affected by the shuttering of schools, businesses, and stores. Pundits are predicting that we'll see the ripple effect of this echo through our lives for months, with hunger and need for basic necessities likely to increase. In short, the whole village needs each other. How can gardeners help? Elizabeth Black, member of the Boulder Culinary Gardeners group, sent a thoughtful note...

  • The Depot at Whistle Stop Park nears completion

    Apr 1, 2020

    Construction continues on the concession building at Whistle Stop Park to be known as "The Depot." Fundraising to date has reached $25,300, with another $50,000 needed to pay for the building. Donations can be mailed to NCAA, P.O. Box 733, Niwot, CO 80544, or can be made online at

  • A lovely spring find

    Apr 1, 2020

    Reader Emily Beck stumbled upon a pop-up flower truck tucked in the northwest corner of Old Town Niwot. Writes Beck, "On our bloodhound stroll through Niwot this weekend, we came across this wonderful flower truck and her owners, Susan and Gilmore. Susan's job is temporarily on hold, so she is selling flowers on Neva Road in front of her house."...

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