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The Courier is going online

Dear Readers,

In an effort to survive in the current COVID-19 economy, the Left Hand Valley Courier will change to an on-line only format as of the April 15 issue. We have brought local news to your doorstep for 23 years, but times have changed, and after April 8, the Courier will arrive ONLY on your computer, ipad, or cell phone.

And, for the first time, we are asking readers to pay for the content in the Courier by subscribing. For 23 years, our advertisers have been our sole source of income, enabling us to pay for printing and delivery costs. That is no longer the case as many of our loyal advertisers are also in survival mode.

Starting April 15, to read the Courier, you will need to subscribe on-line, which you may do by the year, quarter, or month. Monthly subscribers will be able to view and download a complete copy of the Courier at We currently deliver 6,000 newspapers in Niwot and Gunbarrel. We need at least 300 on-line monthly subscriptions to be able to pay our staff.

We have assembled one of the strongest staffs of writers, editors and advertising representatives we have ever had. These folks are your friends and neighbors. We hope you value their contributions to the community as much as we do.

Karen Copperberg

Mary Wolbach Lopert

Selene Luna

Vicki Maurer

Bruce Warren


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