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By Catherine McHale
Special to the Courier 

Artist Bobbie Carlyle



This article continues a monthly series about the artworks and artists chosen for Community Corner at Sculpture Park at the corner of 79th St and Niwot Road.

We pick up with “Aviator” and “Peacemaker” by artist Bobbie Carlyle. “Aviator” — featuring a young boy suspended in air while playing—has been in the Sculpture Park since its opening last fall.

“Peacemaker” is the latest dramatic addition to the sculpture park, installed last month, and now greets visitors at the eastern entrance to Community Corner. The sculpture is a portrayal of Native American strength and heritage. Both sculptures are in bronze and are currently on loan from the artist and available for purchase.

The essence of Carlyle’s work is captured in the words “bold strength” and “provocative intelligence.” She has established herself in fine art, particularly during the past decade. Her chosen sculpture medium is bronze, executed with imagination and vitality. Her subjects range from figurative to liturgical, wildlife to western, in sizes from small to monumental. She excels at getting to the crux of the moment, the inspiration behind the idea, and presenting that in her own dynamic way.

Carlyle has created some of the most compelling figurative work in the art world today, work that captures the essence of her subject. It is work that carries a strong psychological element: dealing with the full spectrum and complexity of emotion, the struggles and triumphs of life.

Carlyle could be called the quintessence of a sculptor of our age, with an impressive heritage and wealth of experience. She collects ideas and inspiration from personal experience, her seven children and many grandchildren. Her dedication and love for art and sculpture led her to earn her degree in Fine Arts from Brigham Young University while raising seven children.


Carlyle’s sculpting career began nearly three decades ago. She is internationally known and recognized for her piece entitled “Self Made Man,” which depicts a man carving himself and his future from the raw stone from which he emerges. Another recent installation was a commissioned piece for the Los Angeles Public School District which is slated for unveiling soon, and several other new and creative sculptures are currently commissioned. In addition, she is one of only five artists included in the current process to create a memorial sculpture for Benjamin Banneker planned for placement within the Memorial Core of Washington, D.C.

She has studied under many of today's notable artists and takes influence from Leonardo Bistolfi, Solon and Gutzon Borglum, Daniel Chester French, and Michelangelo. The result is a style that ranges from classical to art nouveau to contemporary, and always pure Bobbie Carlyle.

Carlyle’s sculptures, “Aviator” and “Peacemaker,” can be seen at the Niwot Community Corner at Sculpture Park. Both pieces are available for purchase.

For more information about the visit http://www.niwot.com/sculpture and http://www.bobbiecarlylesculpture.com.


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