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Pumpkin patches are perfect for outdoor fall fun

October is arriving, and it brings a chance for outdoor fun for the family. At this time in fall, we make the annual pilgrima...

 By Carol OMeara    News    September 2, 2020

Donate to Help Others

Kind hearted people see need in their communities and want to help, but a handful move into action to help solve problems...

 By Carol OMeara    News    July 29, 2020

A confusion of summer squash problems

Despite my best laid plans, each year the garden brings its own ideas to what will, or won't, be a success. I love the touch...

 By Carol OMeara    News    June 3, 2020

Rose care

There is a point in summer when gardeners can't show fear. The growing season fills all of our spare time - we're running...

 By Carol OMeara    News    April 29, 2020

Grow and Give offers free on-line vegetable course

Gardeners are good at sharing with others. We offer advice, give seeds and seedlings or leave zucchini on doorsteps of...

 By Carol OMeara    News    April 1, 2020

It takes a village

It takes a village to raise a child. The popular Igbo proverb takes on more meaning today as our entire community is...

 By Carol OMeara    News    March 4, 2020

Spring brings new things

A crocus is trying to bloom in a friend's yard, despite frigid days and snow squalls. She's enchanted by the little plant's...

 By Carol OMeara    News    December 25, 2019

Twelve Days of Christmas for gardeners

To celebrate the season, sing along with me (with apologies to the original version of the carol). In the final days of...

 By Carol OMeara    News    October 23, 2019

Grab some (warm) air between snows to clean garden

The abrupt end to the garden season came with an unseasonable chill, smashing record lows and tying for largest temperature...

 By Carol OMeara    News    October 9, 2019

Goodness, it's gourds

I picked up a packet of gourd seeds last spring with the thought that some of the little, colorful things would look great in...

 By Carol OMeara    News    October 2, 2019

Pumpkin patches are perfect for fall fun

October is arriving and with it the annual pilgrimage to pumpkin patches. Prowling in fields or rummaging through bins...

 By Carol OMeara    News    July 24, 2019

A good time to deadhead

This summer has been glorious for flowers, thanks to wet, cooler weather for the first part of the summer. Gardens are...


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