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  • Content and Comments

    Jul 10, 2024

    Do you know of a local event, interesting story or local person the Courier might be interested in covering? Do you have comments about what you have read in the Courier or suggestions to make? We would like to hear from you at [email protected]

  • Photo of the Week

    Jul 10, 2024

  • Photo of the Week Could Be Yours

    Jul 10, 2024

    Calling all photographers, intentional or accidental! The Left Hand Valley Courier’s Photo of the Week feature is open to any area resident who personally photographs Niwot-Gunbarrel area sights, including people (with permission, of course), buildings, animals, birds, plants, flowers, events, or anything else. Naturally, there are a few rules to follow: • The photograph must be submitted in jpg format via email to [email protected] in high resolution. • Please include a caption describing the photo, your name, email addre...

  • Letter to the Editor

    Jul 10, 2024

    Dear Courier and Niwotians: What a great 4th of July holiday our little town just put on! Like all the volunteer-run events that happen here, the pancake breakfast (Bert Steele's) and the parade with so many enthusiastic participants was a sight to behold! An estimated 1,000 plus people were served, and I'd guess double that amount were watching and marching in the parade. I heard several people comment on how special this event was, and how nice of the town to arrange such fun. Strangers that...

  • July 4th patriotic pancakes plus a parade

    Scott Barto|Jul 10, 2024

    Niwot's annual Fourth of July celebration was packed with fun activities from start to finish, thanks to the continued efforts of the Niwot Community Association (NCA) which sponsors the event, with financial support from the Niwot Local Improvement District. Starting the morning off at 7:30 a.m. was the "Bert Steele Pancake Breakfast" served in front of the Niwot Market. Net proceeds from this year's ticket sales went towards purchasing another grill for the breakfast to help cover the increasi...

  • Niwot Sculpture Park celebrates 3 sculptures

    Bruce Warren|Jul 10, 2024

    A crowd of 30 gathered July 5 during Niwot's First Friday Art Walk to celebrate and dedicate two donations by Jim and Anne Postle. The sculptures, "Of One Heart" and "Courtship Flight" by world-renowned artist George Carlson, were added to the permanent collection of the Niwot Cultural Arts Association (NCAA) on the corner of Niwot Road and 79th Street after the death of Jim Postle in 2021. Anne Postle, wife of the late Jim Postle, spoke on behalf of the Postle family, including daughter-in-law...

  • Eagles tribute band The Long Run returns to Rock & Rails

    Deborah Cameron|Jul 10, 2024

    The Long Run, Colorado's Eagles tribute band, has made its share of memories playing summer Thursday nights at Whistle Stop Park. Last year, the band's performance took place just a day after Randy Meisner, a founding member of The Eagles, passed away. Rock & Rails is the only concert on their schedule where the group plays from a gazebo. One of the things the band appreciates most about performing in Niwot is the enthusiastic crowds, ready to sing along and move, that come out to see them....

  • Let's Talk About...In Living Color or Black and White

    Elise S. Marylander|Jul 10, 2024

    Ok. You know how they say color influences your mood? Stores are decorated in colors that apparently make you want to buy. Casinos are decorated to make you gamble. School walls are a color that is supposed to help concentration. You catch my drift. So, when it comes to decorating your house, you have to think about your goals. Serenity? Cozy? Creative? A friend of mine who recently moved to Niwot told me she is struggling to decorate her home. No kidding! It's difficult and fraught with...

  • Gargoyle Spotlight: Francesca Fowler

    Camryn Bell|Jul 10, 2024

    Gargoyles are hard-working students, incredible team players, great friends, and an integral piece of the Niwot community over the summer at Lobsterfest and Rock & Rails. They assist in keeping events at Whistle Stop Park zero-waste. The Courier is spotlighting some of these friendly, essential volunteers. Francesca Fowler has been volunteering as a Gargoyle for three years. She is an active member of the Niwot community. Through volunteering around town to being a part of the Scout Troop 161, Fowler has been a constant figure in the Niwot...

  • Brewing good times with NCC Brewhop

    Scott Barto|Jul 10, 2024

    Do you live in Niwot? Do you like beer? Do you like a social atmosphere? Are you over the age of 50? If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, then you should check out the Niwot Community Connection's (NCC) subgroup "The Brewhop." Brewhop is just one of the many subgroups that have stemmed from the NCC. The NCC started as an informal organization in the Fall of 2021, providing a social forum for engagement with the target demographic of those over age 50 living in Niwot. During a time...

  • Meet Your Neighbor: Amy Scanes-Wolfe

    Hayden Duckworth|Jul 10, 2024

    Amy Scanes-Wolfe, Niwot resident and the founder and director of High Plains Permaculture, is passionate about connecting people to their food systems. Even as a child, Scanes-Wolfe was set on becoming a farmer and has opened her community-based farm, the Niwot Homestead, which aims to feed people a local and well-rounded diet, ultimately connecting them back to the source of their food. Born in South Africa, Scanes-Wolfe moved to Longmont when she was four and later graduated from Niwot High...

  • Niwot Garden Club growing love for gardening

    Peggy B. Graham|Jul 10, 2024

    The Niwot Garden Club is an informal group of enthusiastic gardeners who share a love for gardening, flowers, and trees. The club's mission is to enhance the beauty of their yards and the community, promote sustainable gardening practices, and provide educational opportunities related to horticulture. Members enjoy getting down and dirty with the earth, planting and weeding, feeding, watering, and nurturing plant life. In the evenings, they often indulge in a leisurely "walkabout," perhaps with...

  • Courier Cookbook Spiced and Candied Nuts

    Jul 10, 2024

    Spicy or candied nuts are a snack upgrade not just for Christmastime. Although they certainly make great gifts in a cute jar or bowl, keep them around for easy snacking. Of course, you can buy these at the grocery store but they are so simple to make and at home where you can control the ingredients. Getting the spices to stick to the nuts is the trick and is usually done with beaten egg whites, coconut oil, olive oil, or maple syrup. But basically, you coat the nuts and bake. Try these recipes...

  • Student Athlete of the Week Mohi Bauer

    Jack Carlough|Jul 10, 2024

    Mohi Bauer accomplished quite a bit during his junior year at Niwot High School, both in the classroom and on the pitch. Along with taking college-level math classes through Front Range Community College, he received a mid-season promotion to the varsity boys soccer team and ultimately played big minutes for the Cougars. His contributions as an offensive facilitator helped Niwot win seven of its final eight games, including two in the Class 4A state tournament. "That was a cool experience, joini...

  • "Grief Walks" at Coot Lake support bereaved

    John Kowalski|Jul 10, 2024

    "About six months before I joined hospice, I had a grandmother who passed away," Lillian Osborne-Durst said. "She was diagnosed with dementia...towards the last few months of her life, there were multiple hospitalizations... At the last hospitalization, somebody mentioned hospice... I'll never forget the nurse, I'll never forget the day." Grieving comes in many shapes and forms. The process has plenty of ups and downs, with some days feeling wonderful, and others feeling abysmal. For many, the...

  • Gunbarrel trails news

    Karen Sherlock|Jul 10, 2024

    According to the city of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP), the northernmost portion of the East Boulder Trail –- White Rocks Trail — is again open after a temporary closure for the past two weeks. According to the OSMP, the closure was due to petroleum field operations in the area. An abandoned well was capped. The State of Colorado is working to be sure abandoned wells are capped as they are known to potentially leak hydrocarbons into the air and ground. The Orphaned Wells Ent...

  • Lindy hops and swing beats light up Cottonwood Square

    Madison Shaw|Jul 10, 2024

    On Friday July 5, dancers from all over gathered for the first swing dance evening of Dancing Under the Stars this summer. At 7 p.m., dancers moved cautiously towards the makeshift dance floor for dance lessons led by Tom Masterson, one of the event organizers. Participants of all ages and skill levels joined in, learning the basic steps of swing dancing. Masterson let attendees take their time, stepping in when he felt it was necessary. With his swing dance crash course, the dancers were ready...

  • Niwot High School teacher Angela Roberts inspired and inspirational

    Neharika Bhandari|Jul 10, 2024

    Niwot High School students thrive with the help of teachers who are dedicated to teaching and ensuring their students succeed. One of these teachers is Angela Roberts who has been teaching several English classes at Niwot High School for the last 16 years. She was inspired by her English 10 teacher who left a lasting impression on her students. Her teacher's classroom was more than just a place for academic learning, it was a sanctuary where students felt comfortable and valued. Under her...

  • Elise Cranny prepares for the Olympics

    Bruce Warren|Jul 10, 2024

    Niwot High School graduate Elise Cranny, who now runs professionally for Nike, is preparing for her second appearance at the Olympics, to be held in Paris from July 26 through Aug. 11. Cranny finished second to Elle St. Pierre in the 5,000 meters by two one-hundredths (0.02) of a second in a photo finish at the Olympic trials to secure a spot in Paris on the U.S. Olympic team. Last week, Cranny also ran the 1500 meters at the Olympic trials, finishing sixth with a time of 3:57.87 a sub-4-minute...

  • Courier Crossword Corner July 10, 2024|Jul 10, 2024

    Full story

  • Courier Crossword Corner Answers July 10, 2014

    Jul 10, 2024

    ACROSS 3. STEM 5. nuts 7. robotics 10. well 11. math 12. soccer 14. Courtship DOWN 1. waltz 2. fourth 4. Eagles 6. swing 8. beer 9. Cranny 13. Coot... Full story

  • 1914 House closes

    Jul 10, 2024

  • Up-A-Creek Robotics

    Neharika Bhandari|Jul 10, 2024

    Founded in 2005 as an after-school club at Silver Creek High School, Up-A-Creek Robotics has evolved from humble beginnings into a renowned institution at the forefront of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and competitive robotics. For two decades, this organization has been a place of inspiration, nurturing the talents of countless students and sharpening the future of engineering and technology. Up-A-Creek Robotics, also known as FRC (FIRST Robotics...

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