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  • Incorporation feasibility study available

    Jocelyn Rowley|Jan 1, 2020

    Converting the Town of Niwot into a statutory municipality and funding its initial years of operation will "almost certainly" require an increase in local property and sales taxes, according to the Exploratory Incorporation Feasibility Study, an online report released last month by the Niwot Incorporation Committee (NIC) at Billed as "a grass roots effort to understand the costs, benefits and long-term implications of an incorporated Town of Niwot," the study goes on to...

  • Airport noise may decrease with Neguse's proposed act

    Hannah Stewart|Jan 1, 2020

    According to statistics from the Boulder Municipal Airport (BMA), in 2017 there were 33 total complaints regarding aircraft noise. These statistics go back as far as 2009 and even though the number of complaints fluctuate over the years, frustration with the noise is consistent, if not growing. “There’ve been a lot of strong feelings about this for quite a long time,” said Gunbarrel resident Kate Chandler. “I want to move, I can’t sit on my porch, forget it. I can’t have a conversation, that’s how loud it is.” These strong feelings that C...

  • Building community by building the East Side Art Institute

    Hannah Stewart|Jan 1, 2020

    President John F. Kennedy once said, "If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him." Unfortunately for many artists, they are often limited by financial means, thus preventing them from pursuing the activities they love. This phenomenon is not limited to professional artists, many of whom find art later in life after working in "practical" career fields like finance or education. It's well known that schools are often...

  • Pair yourself with the perfect pet

    Jan 1, 2020

    According to the American Pet Products Association, in 2019 nearly 112 million U.S. households had a bird, cat or dog as an inhabitant. With horses, fish, reptiles, and small animals included in the statistic, more than 65% of homes have a non-human being of some sort living with them. Homes with dogs outnumber those with cats by a third - 63.2 million versus 42.7 million. Birds are a smidgeon of the statistic at 5.7 million and horses are just 1.6 million. Experts have learned that our...

  • Kid Bits

    Mary Wolbach Lopert|Jan 1, 2020

    Congratulations to third grader Beau Fronckiewicz for placing in the top 10 for the K-3rd grade division for his submissions in the Creative Communication's Poetic Power contest. Beaus' poem "Snowy Owl" was selected from thousands of entries. He will receive a poetry anthology and a check for $25. Beau is a third grader at the Mackintosh Academy in Boulder. He and his family live in Niwot....

  • Where in the World?

    Nellie Nibnose|Jan 1, 2020

    What's this? Do great minds run in the same mudpuddles? Is it deja vu all over again? Where in the world are these mirror images of dragon mailbox posts? Do they look familiar? And while they are decked out for Christmas, you can only wonder what they might do on New Year's Eve. As always, your prize will be having your name printed in the Courier, and be given the title of "Where in the World Master Sleuth."...

  • Grief is love with nowhere to go

    Amy Scanes-Wolfe|Jan 1, 2020

    In the fall of 2013, Sarah Echsner lost her younger brother to suicide. "No matter how much time goes by, it doesn't really change how deeply wounded I feel," said Echsner. "It's something that I carry with me all the time." Our community carries the collective grief for many who have chosen to take their own lives. We feel it, we think about it, but often, we don't talk about it. "Talking about him is helpful for me," said Echsner, "and I think a lot of people feel that way. Especially around...

  • Out in Leftfield

    Bruce Warren|Jan 1, 2020

    VOLLEYBALL Mackenzie Fidelak (Niwot) was part of Stanford's NCAA national championship team, which defeated Wisconsin Dec. 24 in the NCAA finals. Fidelak, a sophomore opposite hitter, played in six contests during the season, but did not see action in the NCAA tournament. Her most extensive action came against Arizona State in a 3-0 victory Oct. 13, where she played all three sets, recording 11 kills and only three errors. She had an attack percentage of .348 against Arizona State, and also...

  • Commuity Pet Spotlight-Mist (Jan. 1)

    Jan 1, 2020

    This is Mist, a 9-year-old Sheltie pup who looks like she's all sugar and spice, but is super spunky. During one car trip, not only did she snub a complimentary treat from a friendly banker, she also jumped up on the dashboard of her owner's car. Hunkered down beneath the windshield, Mist refused to move back to the safety of the passenger seat or floorboard. Think Mayhem from the Allstate commercial, but cuter. Despite all this, Mist is a loving dog who enjoys naps in the sun and playing with...

  • Impaired Driving

    Trooper Gary Cutler, Special to the Courier|Jan 1, 2020

    How often do you ask yourself if you are driving impaired? I know you're asking why you would ask yourself that if you are not drinking. But are you actually impaired and don't realize it? Think of it this way, have you ever driven when you were tired or just drove while daydreaming? Let's take a look at this idea. The official definition of Driving While Ability Impaired is driving a motor vehicle when a person has consumed alcohol or one or more drugs, or a combination of both alcohol and one...

  • Boulder City Council will reconsider library district proposal

    Jocelyn Rowley|Jan 1, 2020

    Proponents of a regional library district got a boost last month when the Boulder City Council agreed to prioritize the issue during an upcoming "deep dive" into the city's long-term budget and budgeting processes. At a study session on Dec. 10, eight members of the council approved a proposal by city manager Jane Brautigam to conduct "a holistic review" of the city's funding needs, starting in early spring with a "robust conversation" about a potential Boulder Library District. "We are very...

  • Student-Athlete of the Week: Jarrett Noterman

    Jan 1, 2020

    The 2019 Niwot football season will be memorable for a number of reasons and the emergence of Jarrett Noterman as a standout athlete is at or near the top of that list. As a wideout/cornerback/kick returner for the Cougars, the speedy senior had a hand in nearly every one of the team's marquee plays during the season, and was often the only highlight in their double-digit losses against league opponents. Now Noterman is bringing the same spark as a guard in Niwot's varsity basketball lineup,...

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