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 By Adrian Card    News    March 30, 2022

New survey documents Boulder County agricultural constraints

Farming and ranching in the urban interface has unique challenges and opportunities. Boulder County, with roughly one-third of its 740 square miles (157,000 acres of 470,000 acres) on the plains, is...

 By Adrian Card    News    August 18, 2021

Join the CSU extension for a tour of area produce farms

Are you ready to see behind the curtain and understand more about area produce farms? On Aug. 28, join in a bus tour of produce farms in Boulder and Adams Counties ranging from two – 2000 acres, direct to consumer and wholesale, and hear what it...

 By Adrian Card    News    July 21, 2021

As threats remain, patronage key to local produce viability

For many of us, the post-Covid return to normal is still largely an aspiration. While most of Colorado is enjoying not having to wear masks in public places and finding socializing readily available,...

 By Adrian Card    News    May 12, 2021

2021 Water Year: South Platte Basin leading the pack, farmers delayed in planting

In farming and ranching, much depends on the weather. And unlike a business with a roof (apologies to our controlled environment producers who can be immune) there are myriad weather factors our...

 By Adrian Card    News    March 10, 2021

Amid the challenges, hopeful spots for agriculture

Agriculture in Colorado can be in a state of challenging realities. Like all spots on terrestrial earth, we are surrounded by abundant nitrogen in the air, but we are unable to get this essential...

 By Adrian Card    News    February 24, 2021

Boulder County 2021 Water Year: Dry forecasted

It seems the old Chinese adage (curse?), "May you be born in interesting times," continues to play on from 2020 into 2021. Atop Covid-19, business pivots from farmers markets and foodservice accounts...

 By Adrian Card    News    January 13, 2021

Managing risks for local food production

When did our world become one of so much risk management? Was it always this way but now the risks are shared among so many? A year of masks and Covid bubbles with a summer and fall of wildfire smoke, we are suddenly, hopefully more united in common...

 By Adrian Card    News    September 23, 2020

Final call for 2020 local produce

It is a grand understatement to assert that life has been an interesting ride for 2020. Our food system and consumer behaviors during this time have made it through some challenging adjustments and st...

 By Adrian Card    News    July 1, 2020

Local food crop loss and insurance costs

Agricultural risk is an interesting concept to non-farmers. Imagine you are self-employed, and your business is not only highly dependent on the weather, it can be crushed by it. People have various mental models of what they think your business is...

 By Adrian Card    News    May 13, 2020

Food systems and priorities in the time of COVID-19

Eating at home more lately? You are not alone. Consumer food demand has pivoted abruptly over the past two months from about 50% of meals consumed outside of the home to virtually none. My...


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