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Gargoyle Spotlight: Meredith Champion

Gargoyles are hard-working students, incredible team players, great friends, and an integral piece of the Niwot community over the summer at Lobsterfest and Rock & Rails. They assist in keeping events at Whistle Stop Park zero-waste.

The Courier is spotlighting some of these friendly, essential volunteers.

Meredith Champion has been volunteering as a Gargoyle for four years. She is currently an incoming sophomore at Niwot High School and is an active member of the Niwot community.

Champion is a member of NHS Student Council and is an outstanding student. She is known as kind, hardworking, and welcoming by many. "I love volunteer work and helping out the Niwot community," Champion said. "It has really become a passion of mine." Her dedication to the Gargoyles has been apparent throughout her four years of service.

Champion started volunteering with the Gargoyles because her brother, Jason Champion, was on the Gargoyle team. She has since made herself known as a natural leader. "My favorite aspect of being a Gargoyle is meeting new people, she said. "Whether it's a new Gargoyle or someone I'm helping, it is so fun meeting and learning who they are. I've met so many people who have shaped me into who I am today at Rock & Rails."

"I can remember one time, last summer (June 2023), it started pouring mid-concert. I was with a couple of other Gargoyles and we were soaked head to toe," she recalled. "Almost everyone left, but all the Gargoyles were just laughing and having so much fun. I just remember thinking that there was no other place I'd rather be and that I loved being a Gargoyle."

The Gargoyle team wouldn't exist and be effective without emcee Satir DeMarco, event manager Chris Teta, and Julie Breyer and Scott Barto, who share the job of supervising the Gargoyles. They have proved to be not only supervisors to the Gargoyles, but also mentors.


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