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Letters to the Editor (Jan. 9)


January 10, 2019

Editor: Courier

Treppeda’s ristorante was the heart and soul of 2nd Ave. in Niwot.

Jim Miller (resident of Niwot for 46 years)

To the Editor:

After reading “What tripped up Treppeda’s?” in the January 2, 2019, issue of Left Hand Valley Courier, I say shame on Bernadette and Gilbert Reed, owners of the Slater Building. In our household, Treppeda’s and Colterra have been anchors in our life and in Niwot since we moved to town 12 years ago after living in Boulder for 42 years. We continue to lament the kitchen fire and closure of Colterra well over a year ago (!) and are now further dismayed by the recent abrupt closure of Treppeda’s. We greatly appreciate the article, in which Howard Treppeda discusses his decision to close rather than be held ransom (my words) by his landlords, who, maybe as the weeks pass, will begin to understand heart, soul, loyalty, and community vs. the nickel-and-diming of business tenants and turning a profit from property left to fall into disrepair. The community deserves an explanation. A walk down the dead-end alley behind Treppeda’s provides an easy look at the shabby appearance of the Slater Building long in need of even a minimum of upkeep. We’ve dined numerous times at Treppeda’s for special occasions and with out-of-town relatives and guests. In the last few years, we’ve noted how the physical space and furnishings have increasingly deteriorated in stark contrast to the high-quality cuisine and excellent service Howard Treppeda offered his dining guests. Let’s all step up to see how to keep Treppeda’s and Colterra in business and in Niwot!  

Phyllis Hunt and Harvey Gardiner, Niwot



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