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By Vicky Dorvee

Familiar Faces – Tara Kpogoh-Narh


August 16, 2018

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Patrons at the Niwot Tavern have been on the receiving end of Tara Kpogoh-Narh’s warm hospitality for 13 years.

Tara Kpogoh-Narh is one of the welcoming faces you’ll see when you belly up to the bar at the Niwot Tavern. Her genuine caring and kindness along with her expertise in pouring the perfect draft brew or whipping up a well concocted cocktail hits on all the high notes for patrons of the pub. At her job, she offers hospitality, great drinks, excellent fare and a good ear.

Learning about the people we regularly cross paths with is a way to find out what brought them to this place in their lives and what’s important to them. To that end we’ve asked Kpogoh-Narh, manager of the Niwot Tavern, some questions, and she was kind enough to give us a peek into her life.

Left Hand Valley Courier (LHVC): Where are you from and how long have you been in Colorado?

Tara Kpogoh-Narh (TKN): I'm originally from Indiana. My sister and I came here to visit our aunt. We loved it so much we went home, sold our houses and most of our belongings, quit our jobs, broke up with our boyfriends and moved out here in 2005.

LHVC: How long have you worked at the Tavern?

TKN: I found Niwot Tavern a year later. I've been here ever since. It's really hard for me to believe it's actually been 13 years. I've been manager of Niwot Tavern for just about the whole time I've worked here. I also bartend and occasionally wait tables.

LHVC: What has been the best part of your job?

TKN: I've watched so many of the kids of the families who come to the tavern grow up. That in itself shows me how long it's actually been. I really enjoy working here. It feels like my home. I look forward to seeing you all and hearing what's going on in your lives.

LHVC: What challenges and proud accomplishments can you share with us?

TKN: I recently had my second son. I have two boys who are 10 years apart. They are my blessings and my handfuls. My oldest son Cruz is 10 years old. Ziah, my baby, just turned two months old. Being home for eight weeks was great. I think that I would enjoy being a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, that's just not in my cards. I like to shop too much!

For three years my husband and I tried to buy a home in Longmont. We made several offers and were disappointed so many times. We decided to see if changing realtors would help, so we asked Deborah Read Fowler to see what she could do. One month later we got our home. We've been living in our new home seven months now and we love it.

LHVC: What is something most people don’t know about you?

TKN: I married a man from Ghana six years ago. My husband is Richard Kpogoh-Narh. He's lived in the U.S. for 11 years. He was living in the Bronx when a mutual friend introduced us. He decided to move to Colorado and a few months later we were married. He works for the City of Longmont in the public works department. We had a traditional African wedding in Ghana. I have traveled to his county with him three times now. [It was] culture shock to say the least, but an amazing place. We have purchased some land and I'll start building our own home there too. One day I hope to own a bar on the beach serving the drinks I've learned to make here at the Tavern.

Editor’s Note: This column is part of our Q&A series about locals who are seen around in various aspects of their lives. The idea is getting to know the people behind these faces we see so often in our communities. Please send suggestions for Familiar Faces profiles to editor@LHVC.com


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