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November 16, 2017

Standing with the Niwot Residents on Parking

This is probably a no win situation for the residents, as even some of the people who manage the Left Hand Valley Courier are the same one in the NBA and NCA.

I tend to agree with the residents on using the park for parking. It is close to the businesses, it will not disturb the bucolic residential area. There is a horde driven to these concerts. They are on a mission with all of their camping gear. The car doors slamming, people hailing fare thee well, engines will disturb the residents. The noise will not abate. The parking lot could also become a hangout. If the NCA wants to have the concerts created for their businesses and the restaurants, then they need to find a place which will enable business parking without encroachment on the residents.

Since the NCA can and most likely will ride roughshod over the residents, and I suspect I am one of the few if any business voices on their side, the NCA will do what they wish with not consideration for either retail or for the residents. Please remember not all of us engage in alcoholic or boisterous behavior. The NCA and NBA can spread the activities around the area. No harm will come to anything free and/or cheap.

Christine Lucas

Owner of Bell, Book, Candle & Coffee



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