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By Jesse Murphy



August 10, 2017

The Left Hand Valley Courier has been receiving multiple requests to stop delivering to a certain neighborhood, and we feel it is time to address the issue candidly.

I’ve received emails about our “litter” and “trash” being distributed.

The Courier also has strong support, and we appreciate all of the kind words from those that understand our purpose and goals with the service we provide.

We are a free publication that covers your area. Many people work their tails off to get this paper out every week, the majority of whom work and live in your community. Personally, my livelihood depends on it.

The Courier was established because Niwot and Gunbarrel and the other unincorporated areas around were under-covered in the daily papers to the north and south.

Some of these requests for no delivery have gone so far as to demand that I send one of our carriers (many are high-schoolers) back to pick up our “litter.”

That is not going to happen, so please stop asking. You know who you are, and even though you claim to have never read this paper, I hope you hear of this editorial.

It seems to me that some people don’t realize the importance of local newspapers. Mainstream media tells you it’s a dying industry.

I’ll tell you that it’s the only way you’ll hear about local sports, schools and politics. Mainstream media isn’t going to update you on the newest businesses and events in Niwot and Gunbarrel.

They aren’t going to tell you when the City of Boulder is looking to annex open space that was the reason you bought property in this area in the first place — with the intent to turn into residential and/or commercial development.

The point is that we do this for the community. If you simply don’t care, that’s fine.

It’s really not that hard to pick it up and throw it in the recycling bin. Just saying…

To those of you I’ve spoken with, we are working on these issues.

We maintain a “do not deliver” list, but sometimes our carriers, some of whom are substitutes, make mistakes.

I am more than happy to have continued discussions with you, but please at least be respectful to our carriers. Be rude to me all day, but leave them out of it.

We also know that there are many people in this neighborhood who do read the paper loyally, and we appreciate that.

In fact, the number of readers that make sure to go through our pages every week outnumber the others by far.

I’m not normally the type to get worked up, but when I hear and read some of the things that have been said online and consider all of the people involved that put out a great paper week after week, I have to say something.

Phone number and email below; sorry I can’t participate in your online message board.

Yes, I do live in Kansas, yes that is an odd dynamic, technology is amazing.

The core of this paper is in Niwot and Gunbarrel, and its focus always has been and always will be local. If you know of local news we should cover, please let us know.

Please know that through my entire professional career in the newspaper business I have put my heart and soul into the publications with the spirit that it is printed for the people of the area.

It’s not about me or you specifically, it’s about having local media covering local issues. So when it is referred to as “trash,” I am going to take offense.

Throw it away if you prefer to live anonymously within your community.

While you’re tossing it out, think of the people who work to bring you that information — not for themselves — for you.

Remember that as you walk the 30 feet down your driveway to pick up a rolled paper that weighs well under a pound, and walk another 15 feet to your recycle bin, to go inside get on the message board. Remind us how laborious that is.

As always, feel free to call me at 303-845-3077, email is editorial@lhvc.com.

My name is in the byline, not behind an anonymous post. I’m here. The Left Hand Valley Courier is here. We’ll all be here, and even though you may not understand it, we are here for you. And we’re not going anywhere.


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