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October 22, 2016

Dear Editor:

Did you know:

* The Twin Lakes Action Group (TLAG) has offered three alternate locations for the proposed development that are closer to bus stops, stores and services. The proposed site at the Twin Lakes has the City’s lowest possible score for walkability—hardly the best place for 280 urban-density apartments.

* Even the Housing Authority’s own flawed habitat study shows the fields to be the SOLE wildlife corridor linking the Twin Lakes to Walden Ponds. The biologist even discovered meadowlarks and mallards nesting in the tallgrass fields.

* The county actually tampered with the speaker lineup at the final hearing. They inserted several “pro-density-increase” speakers AFTER signup had closed, when regular citizens had to sign up at midnight.

Nearly 1,700 people from 20+ neighborhoods have signed TLAG’s petition for a Greater Twin Lakes Open Space. At the Open House for the Twin Lakes, 70 of the 80 comment cards rejected a density increase. And at the final review hearing, 78 people spoke in support of open space. Only 23 spoke for an increase to medium density (up to 280 units) and 19 of those were affiliated with the government.

Gunbarrel is being ignored, and I’m sad to say that Boulder County is bending and breaking rules in its zeal to railroad this ill-conceived project through. We really need our beloved Left Hand Valley Courier to shine a light on what’s going on and to be a 4th Estate for citizens.


Isabelle Hope


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