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 By Sharon Bokan    News    October 20, 2021 

Planning a windbreak

As we head into the windier and hopefully snowier time of year, now is the time to make plans to plant a windbreak on your...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    September 8, 2021

What makes weeds so successful?

What characteristics make weeds so successful with the ability to annoy us and resist our attempts to eliminate them from...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    August 4, 2021

Plant Reactions to wildfire

Wildfires are devastating to landscapes. However devastating we think wildfires are, some plants have adapted to wildfires...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    July 7, 2021

The annual weeds of summer

With the recent moisture and the heat of summer, summer annual weeds have sprouted and are growing. Winter annuals have...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    June 16, 2021

Thistles, the good, the bad and the native

When we see a plant and it is prickly, we automatically assume it is a thistle and therefore it is a bad plant. The Oxford...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    April 7, 2021

Seed labels

We are told to read labels and instructions on just about everything we purchase,whether it is a new cell phone, food or...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    March 31, 2021

Who's knocking on my house?

You'll know when they're back by their drumming on your roof vents or the side of your house (I spotted the first one this...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    March 3, 2021

Keeping your chicks healthy

You decided that you want to keep a few chickens so that your family has fresh eggs. You have all the equipment to house and...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    February 17, 2021

Winter weed management

While this may not seem to be the best time of year for weed management, it is a good time to start dealing with winter...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    January 6, 2021

Seeding native grasses in landscapes

Native grasses can be used in a landscape either as specimen plants, or for a bluegrass lawn alternative or to create a...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    December 16, 2020

Protecting your plants from larger mammals

In previous articles, I have written about the damage rodents and small mammals cause to your landscape plants, but larger...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    November 18, 2020

Fall rodent visitors

As the weather cools and bears are headed to hibernation, mice may be seeking the warmth of your home and voles may be settin...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    October 14, 2020

Home Composting

Special to the Courier Trees are beginning to lose their leaves, your garden plants are done and if you don't have access to...

 By Sharon Bokan    News    June 10, 2020

Living Soil

One of the pleasures of spring is digging in the soil and that earthy smell, but how much do we really know about the soil...


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