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NHS grad Ava Dumler gives back

Elementary school teachers play a vital role in nurturing young minds, fostering a love for learning, and laying the foundation of academic and personal growth. Among these is Niwot resident Ava Dumler, who was named Teacher of the Year at Mead Elementary School in just her second year of teaching.

Dumler is a 2019 graduate of Niwot High School where she earned her IB Diploma while also making her mark on the soccer field as a varsity player and team captain. Her drive and determination extended to college, where she attended Linfield University in Oregon, majoring in elementary education and graduating in just three years, made possible by the strong academic foundation laid at Niwot High School.

Her passion for teaching is deeply rooted in her upbringing "I always knew I wanted to be a teacher since I could talk," she said. "I used to set up my stuffed animals in a circle and make my little sister sit through my lessons." Growing up in a family with a long line of educators, including her mother, Amy Dumler, she was inspired by the impact of education from a young age.

Dumler graduated in 2022 from Linfeild during COVID online learning. She started student teaching in a first-grade classroom in 2021 and noticed that students were missing socialization skills. The student teaching program at Linfield gave her and her fellow student teachers many ideas about how to make students feel safe and how to teach them about self regulation skills.

As Dumler continues to evolve in her teaching career, she remains committed to instilling self regulation skills and creating a safe learning environment for her students. "My goal for my fourth graders is to leave my room being able to 'advocate for themselves' – classroom rule number 2," she emphasized.

For Dumler, teaching extends far beyond imparting knowledge, it is about empowering her students to become confident and independent learners. She said, "After all, kids can't learn if they don't feel safe, and teaching them self regulation will outweigh any math or reading we do for the year."

Reflecting on her early experiences Dumler shared, "Student teaching was the hardest thing I've ever done. You show up every day for the 30-some kids who start as names on a roster and you build a little family." Despite the challenges, Dumler's commitment to her students and her belief in the transformative power of education kept her motivated

Dumler embarked on her teaching career at Mead Elementary School where her dedication and innovative teaching methods gained attention. Remarkably, in just her second year as a teacher, Dumler was honored with the Teacher of the Year award at her school, reflecting her ability to inspire and educate her students.

Outside of her teaching responsibilities, Dumler finds solace and inspiration on the soccer field. Playing for several indoor teams in Boulder and recently joining the Colorado Premier League Women's Ignite team, Dumler finds strength in the bond and resilience of her teammates, a balance that helps her navigate the challenges of teaching.

Dumler exemplifies the dedication and passion that define exceptional educators. Her journey from a determined student at Niwot High School to an inspiring teacher at Mead Elementary School emphasizes the impact of passionate educators on the lives of their students and communities. As she continues to make progress in education and advocacy, her story serves as a source of hope and inspiration for future generations of educators.


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