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DRF Real Estate celebrates open house for new office

An open house was held Friday, June 7, for DRF Real Estate in partnership with Slifer Smith & Frampton at their 2nd Avenue offices in Niwot. The open house was held to celebrate the switching of office spaces between the two real-estate office locations, and to commemorate their continued partnership.

Deborah Fowler has been a real estate agent in the Niwot area, with offices located in the back office space of the Niwot Emporium building at 136 Second Avenue for the past eight years. In that time, Fowler has been recognized as one of the top 10 real estate agents in Boulder, the second top independent agent in Boulder, and top real-estate agent in Niwot. She also serves as vice-president of the Niwot Business Association.

The idea for relocating DRF Real Estate to the front office location and moving Slifer Smith & Frampton's primary office to the back was suggested by Orly Ripmaster, President of the Front Range branch of Slifer Smith & Frampton.

"Deb is so impactful in Niwot," Ripmaster said, "and we wanted to highlight (her) more in the front, visible line of 2nd Avenue." Ripmaster continued to talk about the importance of community, especially in Niwot, where she is a resident herself, and how the front office allows for not only easier access to the town and its surrounding areas, but also provides a community space. The back area of the front office allows for meetings to discuss Niwot events sponsored by the Niwot Business Association (NBA).

Slifer Smith & Frampton currently has 31 offices in Colorado. The Niwot office supports a large region of Northern Colorado. As a real-estate brokerage that started in Vail in the 1960s, highlighting DRF Real Estate seemed more important to the continued success and meaning of Niwot.

The open house itself featured a photo-op with swag from Slifer Smith & Frampton, as well as charcuterie and champagne in both office spaces across the atrium and featured live music from the duo, Concrete Feedback. The move began on Monday, May 27, and was finalized on June 7 with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

"I am so grateful," Fowler said, "that [Slifer Smith & Frampton] gave [DRF Real-Estate] the opportunity to have the front office space." Fowler also said she feels very fortunate that the trust was put in her team to become more visible and to express Slifer Smith & Frampton's commitment to Niwot and the focus around community.

The open house provided an opportunity for community members and clients to celebrate and continue the relationship held with the agency, thus continuing to embrace the small-town feel of comradery and community engagement, the mission that Fowler and Ripmaster had in mind.


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