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Opposition to tennis facility plans strategy

Residents from Gunbarrel, Niwot, Boulder, and other surrounding areas met at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Gunbarrel on Feb. 4, 2024, to discuss the "Tennis Center of the Rockies" proposed to be built at 5701 N. 79th Street in unincorporated Boulder County.

The proposed membership tennis club would include at least 26 tennis courts, two large bubble covers, a clubhouse, two swimming pools, eight padel courts, twelve pickleball courts, volleyball and beach tennis courts, septic fields and a detention pond on 19.73 acres. Each of the two 50-foot high inflatable bubble covers would be about the size of a football field, four stories tall and kept inflated continuously with two HVAC systems, airlocks and pressurization units.

This was the final meeting of a group opposed to the facility before Feb. 23, 2024, when the Boulder County Community Planning & Permitting Department will review the Special Use Review application, Docket No. SU-23-0016, as well as referral responses and public comments.

The Boulder County Planners will then send their recommendations to the Boulder County Planning Commission. A public hearing before the Planning Commission is yet to be scheduled. After the Planning Commission makes a recommendation, the Board of County Commissioners will make a final determination regarding the Special Use Review application.

Over 150 persons attended the meeting to discuss their concerns. They also participated in a Q&A with Boulder County Planners Summer Frederick and Sam Walker.

Joyce Frailey, the volunteer community contact for the opposition to the facility, enumerated the issues with the new facility. She described the two 50-foot tall football field-sized bubbles that would be put on the property and kept fully inflated for half of the year. She was concerned that the continuous inflation is said to consistently produce loud noise.

Frailey also said a septic system would be used for the facility. Other concerns were discussed including noise, congestion, traffic, views and drainage.

The meeting then focused on what can be done now by concerned citizens including writing letters and comments to the Boulder County Planning & Permitting Department before Feb. 23 when the Boulder County Planning & Permitting Department will begin its review of the materials.

The Stop 79th St. Tennis Complex Group is soliciting" target="_blank">donations to fund expert analysis of the effect of the proposed construction and facility. Donations may be made online at

The group is hoping to raise at least $10,000.


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