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Niwot High School Clubs - Spotlight on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Niwot High School is host to over 60 student-run clubs, and one stand-out is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

In the words of club leader Sydney Bennett, "We are a group of students who gather before school on Fridays at 6:30 a.m. During our meetings we do devotionals, worship, play games, and more. It is a super great community of people to meet new friends and learn about Christianity. Anyone is welcome to come."

FCA is a group that was created by students to bring people together who all have something in common, or have an interest in learning more about Christianity. Although mornings are difficult for some students, FCA is always open to anyone who wants to come, even if inconsistently.

The leadership team is made up of students from almost all grades. Sydney Bennett (12th grade), Kaige Kennedy (11th grade), Josh Nelson (12th grade), and Zoe Shipman (10th grade) all work together to make FCA a priority. FCA's faculty sponsor is Adam Strah, a P.E. and Health teacher who has been teaching and coaching at Niwot for many years.

This year FCA has participated in Club Rush, a day in which clubs promote their activities and recruit new members, specifically ninth graders or students new to Niwot. They have also held weekly meetings, enjoyed many game days, and hosted multiple guest speakers.

"To me, being able to come to FCA every week throughout my time at Niwot has been such a highlight," Bennett said. "It is usually the highlight of my week, and is such a fun-loving community. It is a place where I can always feel supported and loved, no matter what else is going on at school or in any other part of my life. Having this community at school has made my time at Niwot so much better."

FCA welcomes any and all students and encourages those who have shown interest to come to meetings and build a community with them. This club has brought joy to the mornings of countless students, and hopes to continue to do so in years to come.


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