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Contrary to popular belief, I am actually quite private and introverted, so writing this profile on myself is challenging.

I am a born and raised Niwot native who attended Niwot Elementary, Altona Middle School, and graduated from Niwot High School (an undisclosed amount of years ago). Having grown up in our cute little town, I've gotten to know a lot of people and become involved in several things over the years. I received my Eagle Scout award from Troop 161 (an undisclosed amount of years ago) where my project was renovating Niwot High School's home varsity baseball dugout. I was, and still am, heavily involved with the marching band at Niwot where I served as their drumline captain for two years.

A few years after graduating NHS and having been involved with the University of Colorado "Golden Buffalo" Marching Band, I became Niwot's head drumline instructor for the past several years (shoutout to my incredible students and colleagues).

I graduated from CU with a Bachelor's Degree in English (say it with me - an undisclosed amount of years ago), I ventured around to find myself working for a local comic book store for a handful of years as well as participating in the Disney College Program in Florida during the spring/summer of 2022. This program is best described as a paid internship where I got to work in EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) as an attractions cast member operating the Living with the Land ride and Land Pavilion. (Being an introvert and working for the Walt Disney Company is definitely an experience to work on getting out of one's comfort zone).

Outside of work, my free time is spent skiing, reading (both comic books and prose novels), cosplay (making and wearing costumes for conventions), cycling, cooking, practicing/writing drumline music, building an exorbitant amount of Lego sets, occasionally playing video games, and collecting various and copious amounts of nerd-chandise (nerd merchandise).

My primary nerd focus (aside from Lego, Star Wars, and Disney) is for the character Nightwing. Nightwing (aka Richard 'Dick' Grayson) was the first Robin to Batman (yes, first - there are six different characters who have taken the mantle of Robin). Dick was adopted out of the circus by Bruce Wayne after his parents were murdered in front of him during a performance. Because of his adoption, he was given great opportunities and leadership growth he would not have otherwise had were it not for Bruce taking him in (both as a hero and as a civilian). As he got older he lost his identity, and "growing pains" not wanting to be defined by Batman, thus discovering his new identity of Nightwing through the support of his friends and other mentors.

He now has a healthy relationship with Bruce/Batman but is still largely his own person, figuring out his place in the world. I only elaborate so heavily, because I identify so strongly with this character, having also been adopted, being given great opportunities and leadership I would not have otherwise had, as well as the hardships necessary to becoming who I am today as I continue to figure out my place in this world.


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