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Camryn Bell Profile

Hi! I'm Camryn Bell. I am a student at Niwot High School, and I have always had a love of writing. I've been a part of the Niwot community my entire life and I love everything about it. I have two brothers, two dogs, and one sister-in-law (my brother has a lovely girlfriend as well). My mom, Alyson Bell, is by far the most inspiring person I have ever met.

I'm passionate about a lot of things, writing being one of them, of course. I also enjoy theater, music, sports (specifically horseback riding), reading, and sleeping in, as teenagers tend to do. I began writing for the Courier in June of 2023 and it has been such a blast. Writing is something I have always loved.

Over these past few years, I've done so many things that have totally changed my life and made it better! I've met people from my community, I've been put in positions of leadership, and I've been challenged! I was Sunset Middle School's yearbook editor during my eighth-grade year. That was the start of my love for journalism.

I hope to continue writing alongside the Left Hand Valley Courier team for my entire high school career. I have learned so much about my community, how to manage my time, and I have acquired many skills along the way that will help me all throughout my life! I am honored and proud to be a writer with the Courier, and I'm excited to keep my community in the loop about local events and activities!


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