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LID members preview draft of master plan

All nine members of the Niwot Local Improvement District Advisory Committee were present Oct. 17 in the downstairs conference room of the Niwot Inn & Spa for a preview of a master plan commissioned by the LID.

David Lee and Chad Fletemeyer of the Niwot architectural firm Fletemeyer, Lee & Associates were on hand to give a preview of a master plan for Niwot being developed to assist the LID and the Niwot community in planning for the future.

The LID’s first effort at creating a master plan was completed in 2012 when several community members as well as LID members worked with Boulder County’s Transportation Department to create a Transportation and Connectivity Plan which primarily addressed transportation issues in the business district and in the larger community.

Many of the projects identified in that plan have now been completed, and the current development of a master plan is intended to be an updated look into the future of Niwot.

The next stage is a meeting at The Wheel House in Niwot on Monday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m. with representatives from all of the non-profit organizations in the community. Feedback from that meeting will be used to further refine the draft master plan before it is presented to the larger community.

One of the matters addressed in the draft plan is a connection to Niwot from the planned multi-modal bikeway in the Diagonal Highway median, which was the impetus for the master planning effort.

Other items include vehicle speed on 2nd Avenue, the safety of the intersection at Niwot Road and 2nd Avenue, placement of the iconic Eddie Running Wolf tree carvings once they are restored, a visual connection between 2nd Avenue and Cottonwood Square, and signage at all of the entrances to the Niwot community.

Speaking to the issue of speed, David Lee said, “The width of the road is a visual clue to a driver - wider equals faster.”

Better use of the old fire station behind the Left Hand Grange was also addressed. The fire station has been used for storage since a new fire station was built in 1983. Lee described dangerous conditions on the sidewalk on the north side 2nd Avenue in the second block.

Lee noted that Boulder County is planning to redo the sidewalk on the south side of Niwot Road adjoining Cottonwood Square shopping center, which provides an opportunity for planning.

Use of Left Hand Valley Grange Park at the northwest corner of Niwot Road and 83rd Street was also addressed. Lee noted that the area now has an expanded parking lot and restroom in addition to the ballfield and children’s playground.

Lee noted that the tree carving committee had discussed the possibility of relocating the restored tree carvings to Left Hand Valley Grange Park with Dustin Wolf, Eddie Running Wolf’s son who is restoring the carvings with Jeff Wolcott. Lee said that Wolf was open to the idea. LID member Heidi Storz asked about the pond area of the park, and whether the pond could be made more attractive.

Fletemeyer and Lee also discussed signage opportunities along the LoBo Trail as well as at the 83rd Street, 79th Street, 95th Street and Niwot Road entryways to the community.

LID member Lisa Rivard summed up the group’s reaction to the presentation, saying, “I am so thrilled to see this. There is so much positivity.”


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