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Familiar Face Skyla at La Musette Food Truck

Niwot's restaurant scene has always been a significant part of the community. From small businesses to the people who own them, each and every restaurant has its own personality that makes it stand out from the rest.

La Musette, one of Niwot's best, is a farm-to-table caterer and restaurant run from a permanent food truck on Murray Street next to The Wheel House in Niwot, and owned and operated by Skyla Olds.

Her unique menu rotation includes new dishes every two weeks, although she includes both a burger and hot dog on her menu each week. This week she is featuring a burger with sauteed mushrooms and onion and a hot dog with classic Chicago style toppings.

Her operation is successful because Olds is dedicated to making her customers happy. Olds manages to provide delicious menus that includes options for people with dietary restrictions or preferences with a wide range of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan foods.

Her menu rotation encompasses customer favorites, classics, and new items regularly, including a wide variety of Mediterranean, North African and Asian choices that can range from lobster rolls to Korean shrimp pancakes.

Olds has owned a range of businesses over the course of 17 years, which demonstrate her many passions and interests. After operating her own criminal defense law firm in California, she became the head of her family's vineyard and winery in Napa, California.

Olds eventually took another turn in her career and decided that she wanted to cook for people. "I have a lot of things I'm interested in and strong opinions about how to approach them. Working for myself allows me to follow my passions," explained Olds. Her dedication to maintaining her busy schedule keeps La Musette organized and running smoothly.

Olds moved to Niwot after the pandemic hit. She was in the process of moving from Japan to New York to start a dinner drop off catering business when her customers, Eric and Tammy Bergeson opened The Wheel Works and The Wheel House. Once they figured out the small details together to provide a kitchen for The Wheel House customers, La Musette launched its food truck in August of 2021.

La Musette has become an integral part of the Niwot community, providing a platform for local farms and markets to thrive, reflecting the visions of Niwot, and shedding light onto local events.

Olds has become one of the many familiar faces in Niwot in a small amount of time. You may see her on late night grocery runs at the Niwot Market or elsewhere around town. "Although I'm constantly on the move, I'm always around." she said.

You can order online, see what's on the menu and book catered events with La Musette at or visit Olds' Instagram at @lamusetteniwot.


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