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Niwot Hills Subdivision to expand


Bruce Warren

Eleven additional lots are planned for the Niwot Hills subdivision.

On June 15, the Boulder County Planning Commission will consider a request to plat 11 lots in the Niwot Hills Subdivision just south of Niwot High School. The location of the lots are 6775 Niwot Hills Drive, and the applicant is Michael Markel, agent for both the Ridgeline Development Corporation and Niwot Hills, LLC.

According to Pete L'Orange, Planner II, of Boulder County Community Planning & Permitting, "This docket combines the Preliminary Plan and Final Plat processes into a single approval process since the proposal is part of an approved sketch plan (SD-99-0002), the proposal is consistent with that plan, and does not require extensive engineering, as allowed under Article 5-101.C of the Boulder County Land Use Code."

"This proposed final plat docket creates the parcels 14 through 23, and 33 as approved through the SD-99-02 Sketch Plan and is the last step in the process to create subdivided land. The final plat process will review the final engineering plans, the development agreement, letters of credit, conservation easements, deeds of development rights, homeowners covenants, the plat, and any other necessary documents, reports and studies," L'Orange wrote in the staff recommendation.

The process includes public hearings before the Boulder County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners. Adjacent property owners have been notified of these hearings.

The area is currently vacant and the size of the property is 28.241 acres. The applicants have purchased 11 TDR's (transferable development rights) from other property owners near Niwot, as part of a process put in place many years ago after discussions between the Niwot Community Association and the Boulder County Commissioners. The TDR program is designed to provide value to property owners who might otherwise develop subdivisions in Boulder County, by the sale of TDR's to property owners of parcels contiguous to existing Niwot area subdivisions.

Drexel, Barrell & Co., a civil engineering and infrastructure company, is working with the Ridgeline Development Corporation to construct homes in the area. The project manager, Cameron W. Knapp is proposing site improvements by extending the existing pavement of Niwot Hills Road. The extension will have two new cul de sacs and will complete the Niwot Hills Drive loop to the northeast. The construction of stormwater detention and water quality facilities will be provided on Outlots A and B.


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