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Familiar Face - Gil Pomeroy

Series: Familiar Faces | Story 27

January 5, 2022

Vicky Dorvee

You're likely to have sighted this man around town in the last couple of years. Gil Pomeroy is featured as this month's Courier's Familiar Face because he volunteers for and attends Niwot events on a regular basis.

When a call for help goes out in Niwot, it seems as though Gil Pomeroy's hand shoots up faster than anyone else's. Oktoberfest, Rock & Rails, Niwot Jazz Festival, you name it, he's there. Pomeroy may be new-ish to town, but he quickly started giving his time and energy to make Niwot a better place. He's made loads of new friends and admirers along the way. That's why a long-time Niwot resident suggested we feature Pomeroy in our Familiar Face column and learn about his life.

Left Hand Valley Courier (LHVC) - Where have you lived?

Gil Pomeroy (GP) - I lived until mid-adulthood on the west coast...Norcal.

LHVC - Where did you study after high school and what did you get your degree in?

GP - I went to UC Santa Barbara where I studied anthropology, economics, girls, and scuba-diving... not necessarily in that order.

LHVC - Why did you move from the West Coast to Colorado?

GP - My ex[-wife] found a great job here, so we moved the family here; wife, two kids, a nice U-Haul truck, and a couple hundred bucks.

LHVC - How long have you lived in Niwot?

GP – I've lived here only two or three years.

LHVC- Why did you move to Niwot?

GP – I like northern Boulder County, where I've lived around since 1979.

LHVC – Having lived here for a while now, what do you like best about Niwot?

GP - It's quiet, friendly, with lots of trees and rabbits.

LHVC- What occupation are you presently in?

GP - I'm retired.

LHVC - What types of jobs did you have before reaching this point in your life?

GP - I've had many hundreds of jobs from ditch digger to building roads and bridges. But mostly my jobs have been in some construction or other related profession.

LHVC - What was your occupation when you retired and how long ago was that?

GP - A dozen or so years ago I retired from doing time (it was 25 years) with the Boulder County engineering department.

LHVC - Tell me about your family, pets, and any significant folks in your life.

GP - Having been raised on a working ranch out in the country of the Sacramento foothills, my animal friends have been cows, horses, dogs, cowboys 'n cowgirls, and folks who know how to do stuff.

LHVC - Has COVID had an impact on your life?

GP - Since I can handle some degree of solitude, the homeboy aspect has been fine. It's all the other folks I am mostly concerned about.

LHVC - What parts of your life do you find to be most rewarding?

GP - My favorite rewards are doing things that, believe it or not, help other folks live a wee bit better life. Other lives matter!

LHVC - What triumphs have made you who you are?

GP - Whenever somebody asks what my favorite ride has been, my only answer is the next one.

LHVC - What are the ways in which you connect with the community, for instance, attending events, belonging to organizations or volunteering?

GP - From 4H Club to schools to most recently Rock & Rails, I've volunteered for and with many sorts of community organizations.

LHVC- What is the most important lesson you've learned in life?

GP - The only lesson I've learned from all of this is that daily learning is the only thing that's interesting.

LHVC – What is your typical day like?

GP - After leaving the restroom (where the night's resting takes place), I breathe a bunch, maybe have a meal, do some work, end up taking a night rest again, all the while continuing the breathing stuff.

LHVC- What are your pastimes, hobbies and passions?

GP - My life-form identity is homo faber, man-the-maker, although I do most definitely play a whole bunch.

LHVC - Is there anything you'd like to tell me that perhaps a question didn't cover?

GP - My interests include reading, making and listening to music, walking around, and generally appreciating the beauty of this planet's majestic and amazing qualities. Other than that, I'm just along for the ride, come what may...and it most certainly does.

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