'Little Sir Echo" in Niwot


December 15, 2021

Nellie Nibnose

It was a great day for singing and Santa. A big thank you to Karen Copperberg, Biff "Santa" Warren, Alivia Bell and Katrina Stroud for lending their talents and a fine rendition of "Jingle Bells." Look for this fabulous rendition on the Courier's Facebook page. If the mood strikes you, we'd love to hear and see your songs.

When I was small there was a catchy little ditty about an echo.

Little sir echo,

How do you do?

Hello (hello)

Hello (hello)

...which has now given me an earworm. But never mind.

Several weeks ago, I was on a stroll with my good friend Glinda. As we often do, we walked through the underpass for Niwot Road. We always enjoy all the glorious mural paintings down there, and G...

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