Get your run on: Niwot's first annual Turkey Trot


November 18, 2020

Deborah Cameron

Starting area for the 2020 Niwot Turkey Trot

In a year when many well-loved group events have had to be canceled, it's refreshing to see the beginning of a new annual tradition: The Niwot Turkey Trot.

Holding an event in light of rising Covid-19 numbers isn't something to be taken lightly. The event's organizing committee, a group of Niwot business owners, know this. They're doing everything they can to be careful.

While the race, due to its nature, will be held outdoors, there are other things organizers are planning to keep things safe. Top on the list is setting the expectation of the race as a low-key gathering that family members and close friends can do together. Creating a more extensive, more highly-publicized event with squads of volunteers, road closings, and ancillary competitions will have to wait for next year.

As one of the race's organizers, Tara Kpogoh-Narh of the Niwot Tavern said, "With COVID-19 right now, we're limited to what we can do. We'll get everyone outdoors together. That's it. That's a lot."

How simple will the race be? Participants are asked to show up in front of the Niwot Market at 9:30 am on Thanksgiving morning and make a ten dollar donation to the Left Hand Grange for each runner. Then the socially distanced group will run in a looped 3.5-mile course that ends at Winot Coffee.

Adam Robinson of SevenWealth, another of the race's organizers, noted that while they considered canceling it entirely, they ultimately chose to go forward. "A lot of people run anyway on Thanksgiving. This is just a way for us to do it together," he said.

There's another reason that the group wanted to continue: to bring something positive to the community in a challenging year. "A run is always good for the endorphins and helps people feel good," said Robinson. "It's much needed in difficult times."

Finding a balance between safety and allowing the community to come together is one of the toughest parts of organizing the race. While they've taken steps to keep it safe, there are also things built into the event to keep it fun.

Turkey Trot beanie hats will be available for sale in locations across town at Niwot Market and other businesses that were still being determined at press time. In addition, there is going to be a small awards ceremony following the race at Winot Coffee with coffee, cider, and raffles for pie and other prizes. On that day, the shop has agreed to open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Although they are resigned to show prudence and keep the event smaller this year, the organizing group is excited about creating the start of a new tradition. They've brainstormed plenty of things they'd like to do, but are keeping on the back burner until times are safer.

As Kpogoh-Narh said, "We're hoping it can be bigger next year – after Covid is behind us."


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