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A Thank You To Niwot

Series: Letters to the Editor | Story 13

As I was at home dealing with all of the aspects of the Covid19 experience, I was contacted by so many people from our community. Everyone was so kind and thoughtful. I want to thank the community for all of their support and true kindness they have shown Classic Looks and myself.

From the purchasing of gift certificates, to all of the caring phone calls, and emails that meant so much to all of us.

We have also been thinking of all the families and businesses that were affected so very negatively through this awful pandemic. Our hearts go out to all of the people that have struggled and lost so much during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

I want to let our community know how very special we feel you are and how very thankful we are to know you. I am proud to have been here for thirty years and look forward to the next thirty or so years.

As Classic Looks moves forward we want to assure you that we are following all procedures and protocol that has been advised by the CDC, Barbicide, and Leslie Roste, a specialist in infectious control.

Thank you for your friendship and allowing Classic Looks to remain in Niwot, the best place in Colorado.

Sheri Sutton

Classic Looks, Niwot


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