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Working out under quarantine: Training for Warriors shares tips and insight


March 25, 2020 | View PDF

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Now's a great time to try new fitness regimens, but it's important to know why you want to get active and know how you're planning on accomplishing those goals. "The big thing that we ask is 'What is your why? Why are you trying to get fit and healthy?'" said Kristy Neary, owner of Training for Warriors, Longmont.

The gym and personal fitness industry sees an annual increase in participation around the new year. But in light of the coronavirus and the associated restrictions on personal space and public gathering sizes, taking fitness classes has become that much more difficult.

Niwot High alum and local gym owner Kristy Neary shared some tips on how to stay active, even while quarantined. "Anyone can do this, now is a great time to get started because you have the extra time on your hands."

Neary has a background in yoga and when she decided to turn toward self employment, she was inspired by a fitness coach who was involved with Training for Warriors (TFW). The program, which is a global organization that originated from training combat athletes nearly twenty years ago, has shifted its focus toward servicing average people and has locations internationally. Neary and two others, one with a background in dance and the other in Olympic lifting, make up Longmont's local management team.

"We've come together as a team and, using our backgrounds, figure out 'how can we incorporate the tools we have to focus on the intent of the workout?'"

There were three points Neary emphasized for working out, especially in times where resources like equipment and workout partners are limited:

Find a program

Create a plan

Act on it

"Use it [quarantine] as an opportunity," said Neary. "You have to put parameters and schedule around it [your health goals], do a little research so you know what the benefits are. It's so easy to not do something because of lack of accountability."

Neary explained that for many, while their intent to get healthy and fit is good, it's the motivation and accountability aspect that makes success difficult. For her and those at TFW, motivation isn't advice, but rather a reminder of why you're getting active. By combining reminders with consistent effort, that's how physical results happen.

Another place where Neary and her team see people struggle is right at the beginning, when people often don't realize their limits. "It's great to see people jump in head first. But it can be a little too much enthusiasm; we have to be very careful about making sure that people are at a safe level for them."

So, when coming up with a fitness plan, research is crucial. Neary explained, for example, how for the average person, running and walking the dog can have very similar results, so you have to know what you want to get out of your workout. That said, you also have to know your limits, in the same running example, she emphasized the importance of building upon what you know you can already do.

"Wherever you are at (in regard to your fitness level) is a place where you can get started," said Neary. So, she recommends that people take smaller steps first--if you push yourself too hard, not only could you get hurt, but it could put you back on your fitness goals.

In fact, that's one of the key lessons TFW hopes to instill in its students--to have patience with themselves and build on what they know, while also pushing themselves and their peers to do more. That's one of the reasons the owners are still planning on having small, in person classes in public parks, so that their students stay accountable. They are also going to be having online Zoom classes for people who cannot leave their house. More information on their specific programs can be found at http://www.tfwlongmont.com.

But as for all the people stuck at home who aren't members of TFW, Neary says now is still a great opportunity to start a fitness routine. "It's a good time to expand your mind and learn a little about new things... We [have to] look at things that are scary in the moment and try to make an opportunity and face the fear."

She argues that now is not only a great time to try new things in terms of fitness, but it's even more important since physical health leads to a stronger immune system, which is necessary at a time like this. So, in short, her advice is: do research, make a plan, find a source for accountability, and go for it.

"There's a lot of bad things happening, but there's also a lot of good things," Neary said. "Find those good things and don't forget gratitude, it's been shown to improve your mood and your mental health. There's so many things you can do."


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