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LID board meets incoming NBA President


February 12, 2020 | View PDF

The Niwot LID advisory committee held its monthly meeting on Feb. 4

Treasurer’s Report

Bruce Rabeler led off with a report on current LID finances. The district collected $16,854 in sales tax revenue in November 2019, bringing the total for that year to $183,108, an 8.4 percent increase over the same period in 2018. The rise was most notable in the retail sector, which jumped 44%, to $8,070.

On the expense side, the LID has approved $65,024.61 in funding requests so far in 2020, leaving just under $84,288.39 of its $149,313 budget. Rabeler estimated that additional 2020 funding requests could total up to $72,350, leaving the district with a $12,000 surplus for the year. He also reported that the LID ended under budget by $1,008.39 for 2019, despite worries they might have to seek a supplemental budget increase.

As for the reserve balance, Rabeler said the county hasn’t provided an up-to-date figure in more than a year. At the end of 2018, it was estimated at just under $178,000, but there have been additions and withdrawals since, that haven’t been communicated to the board. Rabeler asked county liaison Mark Ruzzin to help him track down the current number from the finance office.

Funding Requests

Chuck Klueber of the Niwot Business Association’s Streetscapes committee presented two requests, the first for $1,500 to replace 18 summer event banners in Cottonwood Square and along 2nd Avenue. The request also covers hardware and design work for a new “Dancing Under the Stars” banner. The request was approved unanimously.

He then requested $4,210 to fund weekly mowing and other landscaping services in Niwot’s sculpture park, as well as cleaning, repair and maintenance of the artwork. The public art space at the corner of 79th Street and Niwot Road opened in November 2018, and four new pieces will be installed in the coming weeks. All work will be performed by Scott Deemer and his company Outdoor Craftsmen. This request was also approved unanimously.

New Business

Member Mary Coonce appeared on behalf of the NBA to present the group’s 2020 budget and give the LID board a preview of the group’s upcoming funding requests. Coonce also introduced incoming NBA president Eric Bergeson to the committee. Bergeson is the owner of Niwot Wheel Works, and replaces Tony Santelli, who served as the NBA head for 12 years. Bergeson is also nominated to replace Anne Postle as NBA representative to the LID, following her resignation last month.

“I’m not sure what happened, but apparently I’m going to be president of the NBA,” Bergeson said. “I’m looking forward to it, and I’m very excited to be a part of that, as well as a part of this, and hopefully being engaged in what’s going on in Niwot.”

His appointment to the LID board should be finalized ahead of their March meeting.

Old Business

The NBA’s Linda Klueber presented an after-action report on Enchanted Evening and the Holiday Parade, which were held Nov. 29 and Dec. 7, respectively. Back in August 2019, the LID approved a request for $6,500 to fund the holiday celebrations.

Klueber said that she was “pleased” overall, and was able to keep expenses under budget. She estimated that the two events brought 1,500-2,000 visitors to Niwot’s business districts, even though disagreeable weather ended Enchanted Evening a little earlier than usual. Klueber said she also had a lot of support from volunteers and other local organizations.

“The Niwot Key Club was just stupendous,” she said. “There were probably 10 students that showed up and did everything. They were really quite helpful...Without the high school kids, I don’t know how we would do it.”

In 2020, the NBA is considering moving the parade to the Saturday following Enchanted Evening, as holding the two events a week apart presents a number of logistical challenges.

LID member Biff Warren then presented an after action report for the 2019 Rock & Rails summer concert series, which ran for twelve weeks between June and August. In total, the series netted $53,927, mostly from beer and wine sales. These proceeds were split evenly between the NBA and NCAA, and will go toward maintenance of Children’s Park and construction of a new concession building in Whistle Stop Park.

Concertgoers also donated generously to the tip jars at each show, resulting in $19,888 for more than a dozen local non-profit organizations.

Warren also provided brief updates on the public parking lot west of old town and fundraising efforts for the Whistle Stop Park concession building. The parking lot is still in county review, and Warren expects to break ground in the fall, at the earliest.

With no further business and no public comment, the meeting then adjourned.

The Niwot LID Committee will meet next at 7 p.m. on March 3 at the Mountain View Fire Station (8500 Niwot Road, Niwot).


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