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Gym No. 5 – the place to do your heavy lifting


December 4, 2019 | View PDF

Vicky Dorvee

Power couple Gabrielle and Russell Chagolla recently opened Gym No. 5 in Gunbarrel offering a variety of high-caliber weight lifting and workout equipment. The gym is welcoming members of every experience and ability level.

Russell and Gabrielle Chagolla, owners of Gym No. 5, added the tagline "Level the F*** up" to declare they're fiercely serious about being the best lifting gym in the area. They should know...they've tried them all and when they didn't find one that worked well for them, they decided to invent it.

It took two years of planning, months of hands-on work, and a $150,000 investment to bring the facility up to their standards. They quietly swung the doors open in mid-October. The 5,000 square-foot center is a short distance from their home in Gunbarrel. Recognizing that some of their neighbors in the growing area are likely also looking for a bodybuilding, sports training, Strongman, Powerlifting and Olympic lifting training gym, they signed a five-year lease.

The married couple/business partners weren't going to settle for one line of machines just to get a good price. They cherry-picked equipment from manufacturers in the lifting industry to totally trick out the gym with the most effective machines and equipment.

Members can zoom in on every muscle from head to toe with machines and calibrated plates from Precor, Rogue,Oly, EliteFTS, Hammer, and Arsenal Strength. There are yolks, stones, and logs to drag, push, and lift along with Monster racks, leg press machines, bars of every kind, plate-loaded machines, competition level equipment, and something called a GHD/Reverse Hyper.

"A lot of it is equipment we'd seen being used by some of the best in the business on social media or on TV with Strongmen events," Gabrielle said, "but we've never had a place where we could go to have access to it. So we did a lot of research finding each piece of equipment that was the best of the best."

Some other differentiators: platforms with sound- vibration dampening capabilities, a Run Rocket machine and thirty yards of turf to accelerate on, and no finger shaking when it comes to using chalk or grunting loudly.

The couple met in college while taking classes toward their integrative physiology degrees at CU-Boulder and coincidentally also working at the recreation center. Russell worked in the weight room and Gabrielle was in the facilities management area. They're both native Coloradans, not surprisingly avid athletes, and well entrenched in the local workout scene.

Gabrielle's sport of choice has been swimming, both as a participant and a coach at youth and masters levels. Lifting to train and stay in shape is part of her repertoire. For 15 years, Gabrielle has also been a bartender for Pasta Jay's Restaurant in Boulder.

Russell's first job was in a fitness center. "I really took to the gym atmosphere and then I got an apprenticeship fixing equipment. It's always been a dream to open a gym, ever since I was a kid." He's a powerlifter and Strongman participant and has been a coach, mentor, and personal trainer in those realms. For the last 11 years he's worked in the digital marketing industry.

Thanks to their backgrounds, they're customer service experts. "We love building an atmosphere where people are having a good time and feel comfortable," Gabrielle said. "We like to host a community of people who enjoy fitness, are serious about training and who want to have a good gym to come to and get in a good workout while having a community around them that can build them up and support them in whatever their fitness endeavors are."

The two of them plus their three kids - Julian, Lola, and Gia - equals five and that's one of the reasons for the No. 5 part of their business name.

Russell said, "We built the gym so anybody from beginner to an elite athlete can come in and have the equipment they need. We have Olympic weight trainers, powerlifters, and we also just had a 70 year-old lady walk through the door who wants her upper body to be stronger."

Down the road they plan to host meets and organize friendly competitions preceded by teaching clinics in bench press and squats for instance. They're also getting established as a USA Powerlifting-friendly gym.

The club also has cardio machines to warm up on or mix into a workout. Other features of the gym are lockers, a dining, lounge and television area, a sink and microwave to help with pre-workout meals and refueling, and two full bathrooms. Personal training is available as well. Members have 24-hour access to the facilities.

They are offering a seven day free trial membership and a three month introductory membership at $59.95 per month. Rates are normally $79.95, but students, military, first responders, and 55+ members can pay at a discounted rate of $69.95.

For more information on Gym No. 5, visit http://www.gym-five.com or call 303-815-3934. The facility is located at 6420 Gunpark Drive, Ste. B Gunbarrel.


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