Niwot alum opens apothecary to help locals' health


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Terra Apothecary in Denver (1452 S. Broadway) offers a variety of natural remedies including herbal teas/supplements, CBD products, essential oils, and even natural skincare.

According to IQVIA, a health information and technology company, 3.79 billion prescriptions were filled by pharmacies across the country in 2018. That's 11 times the population of the United States. While Western medicine has certainly developed over time, we still hear near-constant reports of prescription drug abuse. But what if there was an alternative?

Natural medicine has been around as long as ailments have been, and many of our modern medicines still draw from plants. This struggle between ancient and modern remedies inspired Niwot alum Bobby Vu to look into natural medicine, first working in an apothecary, before ultimately opening his own in 2017.

"I do believe that you should be able to take both," said Vu. "Growing up in Niwot, I think it was an open community to looking at natural medicine, it gave me more ease to step into this world as an adult and I'm glad it did."

He explained that after seeing his community taking prescriptions that didn't seem to truly fix their health issues, he was interested in finding an alternative path. This path lead him and a few friends to work at an apothecary together, but with time, they took classes that taught them how to make herbal blends for treatment. With these lessons in mind, they established Terra Apothecary.

"We sell bulk herbs so that you can find what works for you," Vu explained. With pre-made herbal blends such as those found in treatment teas, the ratios of herbs aren't one-size fits all. At Terra Apothecary, Vu and his team seek to provide insight and help to their customers. "They're really in the driver's seat. We'll guide them to making a stand for their own health."

Because the Terra team guides their customers, they end up developing relationships and ultimately a community among the two groups. Vu described how at the opening of their Denver Broadway location, there were numerous people supporting their business. "It's hard not to feel the love!"

When asked about their products and services, Vu was excited to talk about their variety of herbal remedies, essential oils, natural skincare, and their new CBD product line. He said that since CBD products are getting a lot of publicity lately, they have been very popular with customers. However, he does wish that people gave the herbal remedies more of a chance. "I think when people think of herbs, they don't think of taking a tea as being helpful for their overall health. When you start incorporating that, it can be really effective."

He explained that even taking a moment to prepare a tea and reflect on the fact of taking time for one's self, can help improve one's health as well. Vu acknowledges that it can take courage to take the step and take charge of your own health. That's why he believes so much in Terra's method of showing customers products, and then giving guidance on their alternative medicine journey. He's also hopeful that they may offer classes in the future and encourages people to follow Terra Apothecary on Facebook at @TerraDenver and Instagram @TerraApothecary to receive updates.

"Doing these little things can be very helpful," said Vu. "It's nice to see people finding relief through different alternatives."


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