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Lookout Alliance urges the time to act is now

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November 13, 2019

Oil and gas development in Boulder County is on pause until March 2020, but that doesn’t mean The Lookout Alliance has taken a break. In collaboration with 350 Colorado, TLA has put together a petition that calls for a complete ban on fracking in Boulder County. The petition comes at a time when the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is reviewing and updating oil and gas regulations.

In addition to the petition, the COGCC is currently accepting commentary from the public on each of Crestone Peak Resources’ three project petitions. Public commentary on each will be accepted until Dec. 6. By opening up the docket for local input, the COGCC gives members of the community - those who may be directly affected by future fracking and development projects - the chance to offer their opinions and insights.

The Lookout Alliance advises that the Boulder County Commissioners are accepting comments and ideas for revision of regulations listed in Article 12. The relatively new state law, SB 19-181, puts more control back in the hands of local residents, giving community members the chance to speak up about what they want to see happen in their backyards. The new regulations will dictate development moving forward and have the ability to impact our communities in a variety of ways. Emails may be sent to oilgascomment@bouldercounty.org.

Residents may also write in a letter via 350 Colorado’s site that will go to the Boulder County Commissioners, Gov. Jared Polis, Boulder County Public Health Department, COGCC, and the Co. Dept. of Public Health and Safety. The letter provides space to write a free-form correspondence in which residents may voice their concerns related to the oil and gas development in the area.

TLA encourages those who have been adversely affected by oil and gas development to speak up via any of these means. The anti-fracking group stresses the importance for those with relevant experience or interests in areas related to oil and gas development to write in, especially to Boulder County about revisions to Article 12. Residents with knowledge or expertise in city planning, air quality, noise pollution, wetland protection, financial issues, etc. can provide suggestions for regulations that would benefit our cities while keeping development in check.

One suggested bullet point for these emails is the denial of development applications when scientific evidence proves the project to be unsafe or hazardous to humans or the environment. Other suggestions include stressing the importance of protecting open space by disallowing all development on any public land, requiring safe setbacks from natural resources and occupied structures, making operators responsible for cost, and more.

Learn more about Boulder County’s current rules and regulations as they pertain to oil and gas development here assets.bouldercounty.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/land-use-code-article-12.pdf.


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