The true art of possible: Parenthood and business dreams can coexist


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Hannah Stewart

Megan Dickland in the Family Village's quiet room.

There are numerous retreats every year for entrepreneurs to help them realize their goals and direct them in good business practices. However, the upcoming retreat sponsored by Family Village and Nesting Your Business in Longmont this month is different. Inspired by the modest success of the cathartic event last year, the two organizations are hoping to create an annual event for entrepreneurial parents.

"We wanted something to continue...we're going to have this every year. This retreat is really about reminding them what those visions are--whatever it is they're looking to do alongside being a parent to show them that yes, it is possible and here are the resources," event co-host Meghan Dickland explained.

The Nov. 15 retreat will be held at the Family Village space in south Longmont for a day and a half opportunity for parents to recharge and think about how to achieve their business goals. The team hopes to give participants tools for growing their business, but they will also focus on emotional and mental growth as well.

Dickland explained how the previous event had a more practical focus, but after spending nearly two days with the participants, she and Family Village's Melanie Piazza realized that this year had to be a little different. Understanding that emotional support is just as important as hands-on business knowledge, they aim to have a deep dive into developing emotional and mental health as well.

"My biggest thing is probably empowerment and realizing potential. Early motherhood can be very challenging and we might be running on what feels like depleted resources, but it's a really powerful time. I want women who come here to realize the power they have within themselves to realize the dreams they have," said Dickland.

She went on to describe how she and the retreat planning team have designed a number of different sessions aimed at empowering participants through mind, body, and soul. While there will be practical business focused sessions, there will also be massages, lunches and sessions that incorporate dance and sound healing so as to help individuals recharge and find potential.

Additionally, at the end of the retreat, participants will be given a template for a strategic plan. Dickland explained how she has attended many other retreats with similar objectives, but few really give participants a sense of how to accomplish their goals.

"This retreat is designed for moms who want to take some time for themselves and reintroduce themselves to the dreams they have growing alongside their children," elaborated Dickland. "The retreat and the village is all about providing the resources, capacity, and the how-to for moms and children to expand in these early years."

Since parenthood, especially the early years, can be a stressful and transformational time, it's important to remember to take time for one's self. But this retreat is a challenge to parents, and specifically mothers to invest in themselves: taking that time to recharge their spirits, inspire their minds, and jumpstart their dreams.

Dickland and the team are excited for this year's retreat and all its sessions for helping participants come together and share in this opportunity for personal growth. "If we're going to take a day and a half out of our daily lives, then let's really get something out of it," said Dickland. "I want women who come here to realize the power they have within themselves to realize the dreams they have."

Hannah Stewart

The Family Village's coworking space.


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