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Front Range Leading Ladies launches

A spontaneous chorus of cheers went up as the red ribbon was cut by the Front Range Leading Ladies professional group. FRiLLs was officially inducted into the Longmont Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, Oct. 22, in the Niwot offices of Colorado Landmark Realtors at a gathering of more than 20 women. The organization is a revamping of the group, Take a Chair Lady, which, after 10 years was in need of modernization, FRiLL's chairperson Deborah Read Fowler explained.

"We all got together and decided we needed to rename and re-energize it," Fowler said. Fowler represents her real estate business in the organization.

The all-women organization is comprised of Longmont area business owners, business development professionals, and strategic decision makers who want to grow the success of their enterprises. The group holds breakfast meetings every second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Le Peep Restaurant, 1225 Ken Pratt Blvd. in Longmont.

An educational presentation from a member or guest speaker is part of each meeting, as well as productive discussions in which members recommend business tools, strategies, assist with problem solving, and share lead referrals. While it's a women's group, the members also welcome anyone in the community to come to them with supportive recommendations.

FRiLLs member Catherine McHale said, "It's a great way to keep accountable in your own business and to grow your own business. And it's a great way, especially as entrepreneurs, to come together and support one another and keep the momentum going."

FRiLLs has a traditional organizational structure of a chairperson, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and a membership contact. Each group member represents a different business category.

Existing members come from several business categories – real estate, catering, marketing, retail gifts, photography, graphic design, performance wear, a boot business, and website design. The organization is looking for additional ladies to join and the website lists possible new member business classifications as car maintenance, dentist, doctor, business coach, attorney, hair stylist, professional organizer, midwife, accountants, financial advisor and many more.

Fowler said, "We brainstorm together in a noncompetitive environment, so that's why there's only one person from each business segment. We love to have people join who are enthusiastic and want to grow their business. We're not a group of hobby-ists."

Members of FRiLLs are part of some very salient statistics. The National Association of Women Business owners states that 11.6 million firms are owned by women, which accounts for 39% of all privately held businesses. With women being 47% of the entire workforce, and 51.5% of all managers and professionals, according to Catalyst (a nonprofit that supports working women), there are plenty of compelling reasons for women to gather with their tribe members.

Women-only organizations set members at ease and members feel immediately accepted and understood in their roles. Entrepreneurs often work on their own which can lead to feeling like they're going it all alone. Women's network groups offer a way to interact professionally and productively. The interaction leads to inspiration, tangible resources, and confidence building.

Guests are welcome to attend meetings to see if the group will suit their needs and goals.

For additional information, visit or write to FRiLLs membership contact Catherine McHale at [email protected].


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