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Left Hand Laurel - Kristin Bjornsen

Series: Left Hand Laurel | Story 7

In late 2017, Gunbarrel resident Kristin Bjornsen was at an impasse. Following a "spectacular loss" in her lawsuit against Boulder County over violations of Colorado's sunshine laws, the full-time mother-of-two was torn on whether to proceed with a costly and time-consuming appeal or whether to leave the legal battle for government transparency to more seasoned professionals.

"On the one hand...


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Figgy writes:

Congratulations to you, Ms. Bjornsen, for having the guts, determination and persistence to do the right thing. There is evidence everywhere we look of government entities running roughshod over the public when it is in their best interest. In the most egregious cases, they simply seem to feel that they are no longer answerable to the public they serve and whose dollars fund them. You are appreciated.

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