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Graffiti found at two locations in Niwot


October 2, 2019

Karen Copperberg

Vandals tagged two decorative landscape elements in Niwot's Sculpture Park at Community Corner during the last week of September.

Two Niwot attractions sustained minor damage last week, after being tagged by vandals using spray paint and chalk.

Sometime between September 24 and 26, graffitists defaced two landscape elements in Niwot's Community Corner Sculpture Park with the decidedly upbeat messages "Love is Real" and "Belivers" [sic], printed in chalk or grease paint. During the same time frame, Wise Buys co-owner Tim Wise discovered orange spray paint marks on the caboose and other structures in Whistle Stop Park. It is unclear if the two incidents are connected.

And while the messages in Sculpture Park may have been positive, local reaction to the vandalism was anything but.

Karen Copperberg

The west-facing side of the Whistle Stop Park caboose was recently targeted by would-be graffitists wielding orange spray-paint.

"It is so disappointing to see all the care, hard work, and countless hours donated be treated with such disrespect," Anne Postle of the Niwot Cultural Arts Association said. "As a community, we need to be on the lookout. We can use this occurrence to teach our children to value the hard work of the volunteers in Niwot."

For Scott Deemer, owner of Outdoor Craftsmen and chief designer of Niwot's public art space, the graffiti on the sculpture garden benches is a "contradiction of statement". Linda Hufferd of Osmosis Gallery agreed, saying, "All of that artwork should be appreciated.''

Clean-up efforts got underway on Sunday, Sept. 29. A team of volunteers using soapy water and stiff brushes erased nearly all traces of the printed messages in about an hour. However, the removal of orange paint on caboose and shed will be more challenging.


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