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By Mary Wolbach Lopert

Mosaic Master Laurel True


August 28, 2019 | View PDF

Laurel True places the pattern for Seed of Life mosaic mural on the outside wall of the Niwot Market.

If you stopped by the white tent outside the Niwot Market last week, you were treated to a community art project. The object of the project was to create a mosaic mural.

Samagra Melville, who owns the building at 7980 Niwot Road, has, for the last two years, gone to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, along with David Schaldach “to do art,” Schaldach said. “We took a mural making workshop with (Laurel True) last December. We were so inspired we wanted to bring the art here as a community art project.”

It didn’t take much for Melville to convince True to work in Niwot. True was driving from Portland to New Orleans and since Niwot was on the way, Melville suggested that True come by to see the town.

As Melville pointed out, “This isn’t just any town. This is a town where the market is owned and run by a family. You just don’t get that anymore. There’s no big boxes in sight. It’s a cute, little old antique town.”

After seeing Niwot, True agreed.

True has done over 200 murals around the world, as well as in the U.S. She has created many community art projects, which according to Schaldach, is her specialty.

Photo by Mary Wolbach Lopert Laurel True (far right) and her students wipe away the excess grout to reveal the finished Seed of Life mosaic mural. The mural is on the west side wall of the Niwot Market.

The mosaic’s title is Seed of Life. “The center of the design has a seed of life in the middle,” True said. “It is an actual design that comes from sacred geometry, and it’s a part of every living thing. It’s an overlapping circle design.”

The mosaic will be made in six or eight sections, with each section constructed on a table. Some of the people working on this mural follow True around the country, learning as they go. It’s a professional workshop training session so students have paid to participate. “The piece we’re making is a donation to the Niwot Market,” True said.

Melville is excited about Niwot and its identity as a creative art center. In that vein, Schaldach said, “This is a community art project. It involves people from Niwot, Boulder and other enthusiasts. It will last as long as the building lasts. We’ll have something (that’s) one-of-a-kind.”

And for Melville, True is “the bomb.”

The mural was completed on Sunday, Aug. 25.


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