Letter to the Editor (Aug. 14)


August 14, 2019

To the Editor:

What Mr. Maxwell, BoCo Transportation Director, in his August 7th front page Left Hand Valley Courier did NOT tell you is the following: The road construction in each subdivision within the County was originally paid for by the developer with the cost of that construction passed through to the purchase price of each house. It was not an insignificant amount. Then the roads were deeded over to the County FREE, with the understanding the County would pay for maintenance, including whatever was required to keep them in good and safe condition. 

Many years later, the County UNILATERALLY, without a County wide vote, decided to re-define the original meaning of the word "maintenance", to eliminate any responsibility for keeping the roads in good and safe condition. Thus, each of you homeowners paid for your road construction  once, and now the County in its beneficence is saying you have to pay for them again if you want them in good drivable condition. Such a deal!

Richard Eggers, Niwot 


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