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By Abigail Scott

Niwot High grad Kristy Neary opens gym in Longmont


Niwot High grad Kristy Neary opens gym in Longmont

Fitness has always been a part of Niwot High grad Kristy Neary’s life but it wasn’t until attending a Training for Warriors summit that she decided to open a gym of her own. Previously, Neary, who graduated from NHS in 2000, worked a regular job and pursued her fitness goals on the side. She admits her personal fitness regimen was much more than the average person’s and she was always looking for something fun, rewarding and different than a traditional fitness routine.

Eventually, Neary befriended a Training for Warriors coach and became more acquainted with the unique program. She quit her job, traveled around Africa, and returned looking for the next adventure. After attending last year’s TFW summit, learning more about the program, and meeting inspiring, motivated coaches from around the world, Neary realized she wanted to open her own gym and be a part of this unique business.

While TFW is a franchise, Neary explains that its corporate structure is nothing like that of traditional franchised businesses. TFW operates with a relatively flat management structure and its ethos aligns with the same values that the business requests from the franchisees.

She opened TFW just four months ago in Longmont and is looking to change the way participants view fitness. Classes are small, capped at 18 participants, and actively incorporate high intensity interval training, endurance and conditioning while providing personalized instruction and guidance.

TFW’s sweet spot is offering two different fitness tracks: TFW Athletic and TFW Active. Upon first joining, new members discuss their overall fitness goals and previous fitness experience with knowledgeable, well-trained coaches. The TFW Active track helps members who have little to no fitness experience and whose main goal is weight loss. TFW Athletic helps those who have already established fitness routines expand upon their current practices and hone their fitness routine.

Classes are offered throughout the week at various times. Participants are encouraged to wear heart rate monitors so coaches can ensure they maximize personal potential while not overexerting themselves in the process. Coaches try and take the class outside as much as possible, meaning members enjoy Colorado’s beautiful landscapes while experiencing a full-value workout.

Neary explained, “Our success is dependent on our students’ success”. TFW doesn’t set out to get guests Instagram ready for the best summer-time bikini photos. The gym’s goal is much more focused on long term results, both physical and mental. Neary and the other two coaches want to create a space that is focused on fitness and fun. She explained, “Here, you have your coach that knows you personally. We know everybody’s backstory. We make an effort to get to know them personally.” TFW provides an extremely personalized fitness experience, from nutrition plans to immersive 6-week programs, this gym offers the opportunity for members to overhaul their lifestyle.

Niwot High grad Kristy Neary opens gym in Longmont

She wants guests to come to class exactly as they are, with the weight of the day on their shoulders. She wants to help them clear their minds while exercising their bodies, setting them up to return home to greet family, friends, and neighbors with fresh perspectives, and stress-free attitudes.

Neary believes that fitness is so much more than a number on a scale or a size on a shirt tag. It’s about pushing yourself, mentally and physically, shedding negativity, and engaging in healthy habits that will cause a ripple effect throughout the entire community. Training for Warriors prepares students for the struggles of everyday life, giving them the mental and physical tools to actively participate in their communities as positive, inspiring members.


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