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By Abigail Scott

Taddiken Tree Company Offers Apprenticeship


Abigail Scott

Taddiken Tree Company Arborist trims branches from budding tree.

Taddiken’s bright red trucks, adorned with whimsically painted tree branches, are a welcome sight throughout Boulder County. For 16 years, this locally owned and operated company has served the Front Range with their holistic approach to tree health, fostering a symbiotic relationship between man and nature.

Recently, Taddiken is prioritizing projects that work to uplift and bolster the arborist industry throughout Colorado. Needing a larger workforce and wanting to provide an alternative to the traditional four-year degree, Taddiken Tree Company created their arborist apprenticeship program.

One of only two arborist apprenticeship programs in the state of Colorado, this program offers aspiring arborists a definitive pathway to success and even a lifelong career in this industry. The three-year program totals 6,000 hours of training, across multiple skill sets related to the arborist industry, with 440 hours of the apprenticeship dedicated to class-room style learning, and the rest of the time under the mentorship of a Journeyman.

While we are inclined to think of arborists as chainsaw-wielding tree climbers who brave inclement weather and hang precariously from industrial ropes, there’s really much more to this multifaceted career. Arborists also diagnose insect infestations and diseases, create and implement treatment plans, and provide one-on-one consultations with clients on the health of their trees.

Apprenticeships aren’t new,. The plumbing, electric, and farming industries have offered apprenticeships for decades, consistently growing the workforce for each respective industry. Companies in these industries find greater success because they can rely on a highly trained workforce pool that knows the ins and outs of the respective industries.

Taddiken Tree Company believes this model can work well for the arborist companies across the state and hopes that the future success of its apprenticeship program will inspire other companies to create similar programs.

After finishing the apprenticeship, participants will receive a certificate of completion that will support and empower the employee should they ever desire to change positions throughout the arborist industry. With this earned credential, employers can hire these apprentices with the confidence that they are expertly trained and highly skilled.

Abigail Scott

Taddiken Tree Company truck at a job site in Louisville.

Currently, Taddiken is accepting applications for their apprenticeship program. Folks from all walks of life are encouraged to apply. If you’re not sure whether the career of an arborist is right for you, internship opportunities are also available and offer a shorter, more concise introduction to the the job.

Managing partner Josh Morin explained that in years past, the best arborists were the ones with the fewest teeth. However, now the tide is changing and the industry wants to attract people from all walks of life and with a variety of experiences and aspirations. Most importantly, Taddiken Tree Company hopes this apprenticeship will attract people who have a desire to work with nature, maintaining the balance between mankind and mother earth.



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