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By Catherine McHale
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Niwot Sculpture Park - “Desert Visions” by Myles Howell


Niwot Sculpture Park - “Desert Visions” by Myles Howell

The Niwot Community Corner park was created in 2018 at the corner of Niwot Road and 79th Street. In the fall of 2018, Community Corner was enhanced with a Sculpture Garden with artworks chosen from various artists for display for up to a year. This continues a monthly series about the artworks and artists chosen for Community Corner at Sculpture Park.

We pick up with “Desert Visions” by artist Myles Howell, a large, smooth structure with elegant curves carved into the Bardiglio marble.

Originally from St. George, Utah, Howell moved to attend Utah State University as a painter. After taking an introductory sculpture class he found that as soon as he touched stone he knew that it was the medium he wanted to work with. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture from USU in 2013 and recently received a Masters Degree in Sculpture.

An avid outdoorsman, Howell climbed and hiked throughout his childhood and teen years. He became fascinated by making beautiful forms with materials that had been around for millions of years. Currently, he is using old bones as inspiration for his new works. By abstracting them into concave and convex forms, he can create incredible non-objects that still hold meaning in a primal way.

Movement in sculpture is important to Howell and helps keep his viewer engaged. The bold twists and turns keep the audience’s eye moving and allows them to find surprising familiarity at every angle.

Myles hopes his projects can become larger in scale, and even participatory. He said, “I want someone to climb on my sculpture and interact with it.” He believes that the ability to poke your head into a hole and maneuver your body through a piece of art allows you to experience it more fully. Plus it’s fun!

“Desert Visions” by Myles Howell

No matter what walk of life you come from or your past experience with art, Howell believes that you are able to connect with it. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, art can be approachable and meaningful. As such, he encourages us to be open to artistic experiences and embrace the beauty we are able to create.

Myles currently resides in Logan, Utah with his wife, daughter, twin boys, and dog. He enjoys sculpting at his home studio, fly fishing, and family time.

Myles Howell’s sculpture, “Desert Visions,” can be seen at the Niwot Community Corner at Sculpture Park. It is currently for sale for $32,000.00. For more information about the park, visit http://www.niwot.com/sculpture and http://www.myleshowellsculpture.com


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